Charles Hice

Rookie (May 13 2004 / Heaven)

Charlaxtheme#33 - Poem by Charles Hice



Accidental Death

Hit the road yew old bum is getting old how can he say he helped his poor brother when he made him leave without a number of things scrounged eye was hitting it takes real art and a wealthy thumb to extract real food from a trash can all eye got was the chips and eye cussed like a drunken sailor so early home from sea. Pig is the only way to describe the man his walky talky waving like a weapon at mee. He drove to the end of the lot to make sure that eye left eye was devasted someone had left me some sure good food eye had to turn left and approach another place the pickings got slim and then eye died an accidental death. The religious summation brings me to remember Heaven the earthly realm of immediacy makes me blasphemy. Eye met a man on the open road with a Jesus Cross with a wheel hanging on the back and he pulled it along with him like a dogie in tow. He asked me write away for money and eye laughed sure that he was kidding me eye am homeless said the eye are yew hungry said eye and he laughed what no thank you he said eye do not scrounge this Jesus man frowned at me don't you smoke em? He cowboyed on out of town sure that eye was not a real man just a bum. And that is when eye died my accidental death. The man was intimidating me until eye could not stand it anymore he stared a snoot full down at me so sure of caulk and bells a worker looking at a stranger to him come up from death. What does a man like me have what does he do with all his love why he rips it off he used it up he let it fall to earth he dried it and he tossed the rag away. He placed the soiled garments in the rain he used to burn them to wash away the pain of being only human someone came to tell me of my love eye ran away away away and that is when eye had an accidental death. Just remember children and never forget the bones of an accident victum split they leave the scene of the crime they vent they bleach white out in the sun they rent space out to the smaller creatures such as bugs and ants. They dance they rise they receive the meat again the flesh transposed back to blood and breath they love the GOD that made them and then they live again ever after the manner of the king. Eye buried the money closer to the surface they had no hard time digging it up but the conversion process is faltering the exchange of mud for money is slower than molasses is to homey the bills were nothing lower than a hundred eye was so angry when eye clutched at them they cried and lay down in the mud and died and then they petrified and that is when eye had my accidental death. Spending money turned to stone the old man is snoring the rain is forming on his brow the rain comes down mainly in the plane the lightening bolted the sky the hail does not reach me this far down underneath the ground. The enemy apparently won this round but next time we will get him just hide and watch wait and see the enemy is mee the portrayer and the receiver of the accidental misery and death.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, July 28, 2008

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