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News At 11 - Poem by Charles Hice

News at 11
News at 11
News at 11

CharlaXFabels 186
Today’s news fixed and interpreted by CharlaX in a Fabel
first eye will take a real story HEADLINE from the yahoo news.
Then eye will slowly and subtly change it to the truth.
The Truth as eye see it ici. Eye steer clear of politics
and bedfellows my fans are not preteens but eye want
little 14 year old Timmy to read me iff he wants tewe.
http: // _weather
Midwest copes with floods, East warned of heat
Flooding is bad and people are dying but don’t worry ewe
it’s only in the low spots. East is hot but it’s not the DOG days
of August yet and listen eye am still wearing a lot of extra clothing
until daylight. There is not much to add to this story but what eye
am trying to convey is how they change the news to suit the readers
and themselves. 'It's just crazy.... It's really, really hot, '
said New York City street worker Jessica Pena as she swept a midtown
Manhattan street at around 8: 15 a.m. The temperature already was
in the upper 80s. This is how it would read in Nevada in the Deserted
places there. “It’s just carazy. … It’s Hot its rally rally HOT,
said a hobo near the interstate as she swept a downtown Las Vegas street
at around 8: 15 p.m.1666 - The Great Fire of London and other events
convinced many this was the end, especially because of the '666'
in the year.1843-1844 - Millerism, founded by William Miller,
determined the Second Coming would happen sometime in these years.
A spectacular meteor show in 1833 gave some credence to the anticipation,
which ended in disappointment.1910 - Return of Halley's comet
was seen as a potential sign of the Second Coming.
1987 - The 'Harmonic Convergence' of planets is said by some
to foretell the end.1990s - In 1992, David Koresh
of the Branch Davidians in Waco believed the Final Battle would start
there. The end was scheduled for 1995. After a 51-day standoff
on April 10,1993,76 members died in a fire.
1993 - Many expected the Rapture, in which believers would be caught up
in the air to live with Christ before other final events,
to happen this year.1996 - Psychic Sheldon Nidle predicted
the end of the world would come when 16 million spaceships converged
on the earth Dec.17,1996, along with a host of angels.
1998 - Some thought this year might be significant because it is 666
times 3. Also, Edgar Cayce, famous psychic, predicted that the earth
would have a new pole during the winter of 1997-1998, causing a massive
disruption of the earth's oceans and crust. The result? Worldwide
tidal waves, earthquakes and volcanoes.
Oct.1998 - House of Yahweh predicts an end-of-the-world scenario.
By mid-2001, according to, the sect predicted 80 percent
of the earth's population will be killed from nuclear warfare.
2006 - House of Yahweh says the world will end in nuclear war.
2007 - Ditto.2008 - And again.
December 2012 - End of the Mayan calendar.
And perhaps the end of all things Nagpur, June 7 (Reuters) Select
edible oils today continued to rise in Vidarbha region
of Western Maharashtra on good demand from local traders amid short supply
from local crushing plants. Healthy rise in American soya digam
prices & Malaysian palm oil prices and upward trend
on Madhya Pradesh oil market also helped to push up prices.
Reported demand from South and North-based traders also helped
to push up prices, sources said Saturday. New York City
Under the Red Chief Devil This part is from the actual story.
And off I go impersonating Jesus again-and this Guardian article,
by Ian McKay I think his name was, went on and on about how
American evangelicals championed the Apocalypse
and how it even affected our politicians, every one of them
claiming to believe in this form of doomsday Christianity-
-come on, Ian, you mean to tell me most British Christians
don't believe in this rapture shit or this Armageddon tale? -
-I quit reading Ian-it became too pedantic after a while.
I mean who was Ian writing to in that article? Fellow Brits?
We Americans? Take these evangelicals's tax-free money
away from them and they will disappear overnight-
-all these goons collect buckets of free moolah-
-tax-free buckets of twenties and hundreds, all the greasy,
wrinkled, hard-earned bucks from out of the pockets of the trailer trash,
the white trash, the white hopeless, the always-present Southern blacks,
and the Asians, always the Asians are the most believing Christians
in the world-to the point a lot of them truly believe
Jesus had a brother who moved to Asia and that Jesus visited him in Japan,
I assume, I've only heard the story from some Korean women,
and that Jesus died while he was in Japan
and is buried there and the crucifixion was staged
and the empty tomb was because Jesus was in Tokyo!
Date published: 6/9/2008 Richard D. Payne Richard Daniel 'Johnny' Payne,66,
of Ruther Glen went to be with the Lord on Saturday, June 7,2008.
He had retired as an electrician for Local 666.
He is survived by his loving wife, Nina Payne;
children Robin Jones of Petersburg,
John Payne of Chesterfield County
and Richard 'Ricky' Payne Jr. of New Kent;
grandchildren Johnny, Ryan and Matthew;
brothers Robert 'Bob' Payne of Jasper, Ark.,
and James 'Jimmy' Payne of Spotsylvania County;
sisters Ann Armstrong of Orlando, Fla.,
Sharon Faye Callahan of Charlotte, N.C.,
and Linda Sue Loving, Marion Billingsley and Mary 'Maggie' Sharpe,
all of Spotsylvania. He also leaves behind many other loving
family members and friends. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m.
Tuesday, June 10, at Nelsen Funeral Home, Reid Chapel,
412 S. Washington Highway, Ashland
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to
The Community Home and Health Hospice,3302 Bourbon St.,
Fredericksburg, Va 22408.
Eye could have called this one Stranger then Fiction.
But News at 11 seems to relate.

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