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One16six6six - Poem by Charles Hice

Philo sofee
A sturdy look today at the money is god syndrome of available life disguised in human form as knowledge. The more a man amasses of wealth or lofty thoughts the more he actually loses his riches turn to dross his wealth does not afford him life. He loses he is the loser he sneers at those unfortunates less well endowed than him he trusts in his back pocket for most things he has to fear he only knoes himself and uses others only for objects of intellect the hate he leaves them with replaces the love they had for him the things they get in return for favors not worth it. Eye suppose he has a dungeon somewhere the bones of victims carried fearfully hurriedly from murders foul breathe he does his worthless thing in the dark he must be very unhealthy. Philo sofee of kings they love the darkness of the philo sofee. Pisano nary king at all even keys and locks hang useless in the house of the dead. One bullet ahead of the hang mans nooses. One Knife thrust from death is how he lives. One day becomes the lost direction of his soul. He laughs at victory and lives defeated in his philo sofee. The managers special is marked down from $3.49 to $1.79 today only it was then discarded a portion left so inviting. The cheesecake was blueberry swirled the place of origin is not evident the way some of the students drive it could have come into my hand from Canada. The cover on the little plastic box was closed and that makes it fresh unto me it’s my philo sofee. The bum told me to get some allergy medicine get some Advil he said it works wondrous. Eye scagged eye screeed surely not but he oft repeated it to make sure eye had heard him such knowledge should not be given to a lofty king. The headphones were jury-rigged to look like operational the wires were not attached but left in sight inside the ears so carefully plasticized in place to fool the friend of him who went to several minutes of trouble for a mean dirty prank. Philo sofee. Toney Stark was just an alcoholic HUGHES wanna be until the accident. Conscience guides the lame witted addled they move in fear of discovery only when faced with possible extradition. Philo sofee. We have been telling people to leave the computer is broken a boy walks up and sits down and fixes the computer he must have broken it so he can have a place to sit any time he wants he fixes the computer when he sits it’s his philo sofee. The English lady is in London she is kissing me she likes her own philo sofee. It’s not a serious fling she has a boyfriend they swing she is taking him to trips he has his own philo sofee. The lower case letters are added to the word document but when you make the same word a Capitalized word in a sentence the word document will not recognize it even iff it is added in the dictionary it treats it as a separate new word this is Word philo sofee.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 4, 2008

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