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  1. love muffins & dashboard confessions, Mandolyn ...
  2. Holy Holy, Alex Kenneh
  3. Cowslip, Naveed Khalid
  4. Love Seized Pillow Talk, Terence G. Craddock (aftergl ..
  5. Life is a Nitpicking Journey, Hebert Logerie
  6. Finally, the Beginning, Romesh De Silva
  7. Phragma Love, Madrason writer
  8. Venice bridge of sighs., Jeremy Fadollone
  9. Dead end, AaI Harvey
  10. This is my day, AaI Harvey
  11. Summer Begins In Aoteoroa, Wilton Rodger
  12. Present, Kamil Grzywacz
  13. Downfall, Jonathan ROBIN
  14. Carpe Diem, Kavya ...
  15. See_The Life, Take Time Out, Add A Dash .., Jonathan ROBIN
  16. One Wanders On and Wonders Much, Jonathan ROBIN
  17. The Journey of Existence, Emily Trense
  18. Carpe Diem - Seize The Day, Richard Devereux
  19. TICK TOCK..WHY WAIT IN SHOCK?, delalorm fiaka
  20. Live<3, Ellie Briggs
  21. Carpe diem, Angel A. Lockwood
  22. Gravestone Haiku, Chenou Liu
  23. Life Is No Longer A Speedway, Florinda Valin Hall
  24. Carpe Diem, Ethan Wilson
  25. Heartbreak Hotel, Is Not Where I Want To.., Colin Coplin
  26. Carpe Diem Love, Rahman Mostafiz
  27. Without Fear, Tina Chan
  28. The curse of the Eternals, Joseph Oliver
  29. Carpe diem, Sidi J. Mahtrow
  30. time flies, john asson
  31. On Reading a Vast Anthology, Erica Jong
  32. Thoughts On Immortality, Jonathan ROBIN
  33. Even the cuckoo has to find its layer..., Mark Heathcote
  34. The Tightrope, Daniel P Martin
  35. Picture Hieroglyphs: Sacred Love Story, Terence George Craddock (Spe ..
  36. Carpe Diem, Kate Gabrielle
  37. Carpe Diem, tim woodhouse
  38. Take it Easy (Song), Jana Rininger
  39. To Bee, Werner Horne
  40. ' Moments... ', MoonBee Canady
  41. Carpe Diem, (brief renderings) Joe Fazio
  42. Carpe Diem: Stand Still For Me, Caryl Ramsdale
  43. there is no hell, gershon hepner
  44. Wadda Ya Do With It?, (brief renderings) Joe Fazio
  45. Seconds Of Hate Nearing Fate, Deshaun Green
  46. The Lonely People, Sans Serif
  47. For my grandchildren - and others!, Alexander Fernandez
  48. Stories from my street (1rst draft), thomas spence
  49. Latin Twist (or, Guilt to Dance to), S.A. Blair
  50. *Delayed Gratification, Sadiqullah Khan
  51. An Eternity, joanna donne
  52. Life Be In It, Liddy Luu
  53. Drink Deep, Jeffrey Stultz
  54. The Lonely People, Mattew Tinsley
  55. OF REGRETS OVER WASTED DAYS, Cheryl L. DaytecYañgot
  56. not today, gershon hepner
  57. death, khoirun niam
  58. Dreamscape, Steven Letourneau
  59. Carpe Diem, Ramona Thompson
  60. Who are you? —she said to me with a sedu.., Javier Campos
  61. Carpe Diem, Javier Campos
  62. Carpe Diem, O Anna Niemus
  63. The Shark of Emptiness, Fred Babbin
  64. Life's Lessons Learned, Crystal Myers
  65. War, Donna Hendra
  66. Carpe Diem!, dana sondergaard
  67. Let Go of the Day, Sonny Rainshine
  68. Carpe Diem, Aldo Kraas
  69. Oil Painting, Steven Mason
  70. Sandman, Lola Sanchez
  71. Time Will Never Wait, Heather Milks
  72. On Borrowed Time, Jonathan ROBIN
  73. Carpe Diem, Niko Tiliopoulos
  74. Star Academy, Saleh Badrah
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