Robert Nichols

(1893 - 1944 / England)

Robert Nichols Poems

1. Address To The Sunset 4/14/2010
2. At The Wars 4/14/2010
3. Battery Moving Up To A New Position From Rest Camp:Dawn 4/14/2010
4. Battle 4/14/2010
5. Comrades An Episode 4/14/2010
6. Evenstar 4/14/2010
7. Farewell 4/14/2010
8. Fulfilment 1/1/2004
9. I Must Remember Now 4/14/2010
10. Nearer 4/14/2010
11. Night Rhapsody 4/14/2010
12. November 4/14/2010
13. O Nightingale My Heart 4/14/2010
14. Pæan 4/14/2010
15. Seventeen 4/14/2010
16. The Approach 4/14/2010
17. The Assault 4/14/2010
18. The Day's March 4/14/2010
19. The Flower Of Flame 4/14/2010
20. The Last Salute 4/14/2010
21. The Naiads' Music: From A Faun's Holiday 4/14/2010
22. The Nocturne: Address To The Sunset 4/14/2010
23. The Philosopher's Oration: A Faun's Holiday 4/14/2010
24. The Pilgrim 4/14/2010
25. The Prophetic Bard's Oration: From A Faun's Holiday 4/14/2010
26. The Sprig Of Lime 4/14/2010
27. The Stranger 4/14/2010
28. The Tower 4/14/2010
29. Three Songs Of The Enigma 4/14/2010
30. To 4/14/2010
Best Poem of Robert Nichols


Was there love once? I have forgotten her.
Was there grief once? Grief yet is mine.
Other loves I have, men rough, but men who stir
More grief, more joy, than love of thee and thine.

Faces cheerful, full of whimsical mirth,
Lined by the wind, burned by the sun;
Bodies enraptured by the abounding earth,
As whose children we are brethern: one.

And any moment may descend hot death
To shatter limbs! Pulp, tear, blast
Belovèd soldiers who love rough life and breath
Not less for dying faithful to the last.

O the fading eyes, the grimed face ...

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Address To The Sunset

Exquisite stillness! What serenities
Of earth and air! How bright atop the wall
The stonecrop’s fire and beyond the precipice
How huge, how hushed the primrose evenfall!
How softly, too, the white crane voyages
Yon honeyed height of warmth and silence,
He can look down on islet, lake and shore
And crowding woods and voiceless promontories

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