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Robert Nichols

(1893 - 1944 / England)

Poems of Robert Nichols

21. The Naiads' Music: From A Faun's Holiday 4/14/2010
22. The Nocturne: Address to the Sunset 4/14/2010
23. The Philosopher's Oration: A Faun's Holiday 4/14/2010
24. The Pilgrim 4/14/2010
25. The Prophetic Bard's Oration: From A Faun's Holiday 4/14/2010
26. The Sprig of Lime 4/14/2010
27. The Stranger 4/14/2010
28. The Tower 4/14/2010
29. Three Songs Of The Enigma 4/14/2010
30. To 4/14/2010

Comrades An Episode

Before, before he was aware
The 'Verey' light had risen… on the air
in hung glistering..
And he could not stay his hand
From moving to the barbed wire's broken strand.
A rifle cracked.
He fell.
Night waned. He was alone. A heavy shell
Whispered itself passing high, high overhead.

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