Treasure Island

Saint Eule

(10/30/1955 / Shamokin, Pa)

Poems of Saint Eule

121. The old dog cannot run 6/2/2012
122. The Palm Reader 9/4/2010
123. The Pharoahs Stuff 6/10/2013
124. The Picnic Table 5/7/2011
125. The point of a compass 1/30/2011
126. THE PORCUPINE 2/13/2011
127. The Shark smells blood 4/30/2011
128. The silver haired surfer 4/11/2011
129. The Songbird and the Cricket 5/7/2011
130. The Sparrow in the Palm 12/6/2011
131. The spider is the guest 5/5/2013
132. The teapot is calling 2/13/2012
133. The Tern and The Eagle. 9/6/2010
134. The Tiger Smells Blood 4/23/2011
135. The Timbrel music 2/8/2012
136. The Toads Revenge 2/16/2012
137. The Underground Prophet 6/4/2011
138. The unholy Salesman 9/4/2010
139. The Union was busted 6/18/2011
140. The Wedding Embrace 12/28/2011

Autumn with Grandpa

It was a cloudy day, my grandson pointed at the sky. He said ' the stars are still there you just cannot see them because of the clouds'.
I held his hand and said ' The stars are like the truth often we cannot see it because of the clouds'.
There is nothing more inspiring than a conversation between a grandfather and a grandson.

When you were born, I cried with joy.
My scrawny little boy.
When you took your first october fall.
I picked you up and brushed off a leaf from your

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