Satish Verma

Veteran Poet - 1,441 Points (5-6-1935)

Satish Verma Poems

2241. Wounded Path 10/16/2012
2242. Wounded Pride 9/6/2009
2243. Wounded Veils 2/9/2015
2244. Wrapped In Stigma 3/7/2015
2245. Wreaths On Door (For Suu Kyi) 2/10/2010
2246. Wrenching 4/24/2013
2247. Wrinkling 5/10/2009
2248. Writing Furtively 8/20/2014
2249. Writing Its Diktat 11/17/2007
2250. Xulon 3/13/2008
2251. Yellow Face 4/29/2010
2252. Yellow Roses 4/22/2014
2253. Yielding 7/27/2009
2254. Yin-Yang 6/2/2008
2255. You 9/30/2007
2256. You And Everybody 10/3/2007
2257. You Will Not Create Death 12/27/2012
2258. Your Waking Head 11/19/2008
2259. Yours Only 9/10/2011
2260. Zeitgeist 5/14/2014
2261. Zero Hour 1/13/2010
2262. Ziplocked 8/18/2010
2263. बाहर आते हुए 9/1/2012
Best Poem of Satish Verma


Turns me on
I will write a poem.

Delirious moon had
picked me up from under the skin.

The safety pin was broken,
now a crowd will disrobe me.

Everytime when my pain makes you cry
oranges are not meant for the sale.

A collegium will stich up the wound.
Once upon a caste the country will go.

• On reading Orange Crush of Simone Muench.

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Bleeding Heart

And everyday we talk about the sinister designs
of semilunar nights to rob us of our days
when the sleep was far away chasing the sleep
and the crumbeled continuity of a tale lay unpeeled.

How to highlight the dates on our calenders?
You keep forgetting even the years
when your forefathers left.
And deep in the green grass the names were wiped out.

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