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Songs About / On: ALONE

In this page, songs on / about “alone” are listed.
  • 51.
    Time To Get Alone

    Brian Wilson
    I looked at you baby
    And what did I see
    I saw love in your eyes
    Made me feel so warm inside read more »

    Beach Boys
  • 52.
    The Flipside

    Can’t leave you alone
    We can’t leave you alone no

    You can’t hide from the flipside
    Your foolish pride
    Can’t sustain the strain
    Trouble bubbles inside
    You can try but you cannot resist
    If we insist
    Persistent, every instant, every moment in time
    We are on your mind read more »

  • 53.
    Leave Me Alone

    I don¹t care if you don¹t like the way I look
    Can¹t you see this ain¹t no Sunday School
    I don¹t really care about your in Rn¹ outs
    Can¹t you see I ain¹t nobody¹s fool
    What is this, what is that read more »

    White Lion
  • 54.
    Million Miles From Home

    I was sent to outer space
    To find another happy place
    Now I'm left here all alone
    Million miles away from home
    Floating through the galaxy read more »

  • 55.
    Family Man

    She had a sulky smile
    She took a standard pose as she presented herself
    She had sultry eyes she made it perfectly clear that
    She was his for a price read more »

    Oldfield Mike
  • 56.
    Bazooka Joe

    The Joe man is back
    When Joe comes back Joe's head will crack
    When Joe's head cracks, when that big head cracks
    It's "Welcome back, Joe. Welcome back, Joe."
    You don't have to be alone Joe, you don't have to be alone Joe read more »

    Big Black
  • 57.
    I Don't Think We're Alone

    Children Behave,
    that's what they say when we're together
    And watch how you play
    They don't understand,
    And so we're read more »

  • 58.
    Beatles And The Stones

    "Did you read that the Beatles were more popular than Christ..."
    - Unknown reporter
    "You know we always enjoyed performing, it was sort of our buzz, and then I
    always, I always felt that Beatles sort of did it, you know, when they were
    big, they did it..." read more »

    House Of Love
  • 59.
    C'mon Billy

    C'mon Billy
    come to me
    you know I'm waiting
    I love you endlessly
    c'mon Billy read more »

    Harvey Pj
  • 60.
    100 Ways To Be A Good Girl

    I caused a major war just by talking
    you flew into a rage, 'cos that's everything you know
    childhood of violence, filled with heartache
    I flew into a rage, 'cos that's everything I know
    I know 100 ways to be a good girl read more »

    Skunk Anansie
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