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In this page, songs on / about “america” are listed.
  • 51.
    In America

    Only in america we’re slaves to be free
    Only in america we kill the unborn to make ends meet
    Only in america sexuality is democracy
    Only in america we stamp our God ’in God we trust’
    (chorus) what is right or wrong read more »

  • 52.
    Miss America

    I love america, her secret’s safe with me
    And I know her wicked ways
    The parts you never see

    Oh super-girl, you’ll be my super-model
    Although you have a reputation
    Can I afford to move above my station
    I’m not the only heart you’ve conquered read more »

    David Byrne
  • 53.
    Hungry Freaks, Daddy

    Ray collins (lead vocals, harmonica, tambourine, finger cymbals, bobby pin, tweezers)
    Jimmy carl black (drums)
    Roy estrada (bass, guitarron, boy soprano)
    Elliot ingber (lead guitar, rhythm guitar) read more »

    Frank Zappa
  • 54.
    Made in America


    Made in america
    Nineten fifteen nine
    Born down by the factories read more »

    Bon Jovi
  • 55.
    This Is Not America

    This is not America
    Little piece of you
    a little peace in me will die. @
    This is not a miracle
    for this is not America.
    Blossom fails to bloom this season read more »

    David Bowie And Pat Metheny Group
  • 56.
    What You Own

    Don't breathe too deep
    Don't think all day
    Dive into work
    Drive the other way read more »

    Original Broadway Cast
  • 57.
    Buffalo Soldier

    Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta:
    There was a buffalo soldier in the heart of america,
    Stolen from africa, brought to america,
    Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival. read more »

    Bob Marley
  • 58.
    Calling America

    Told her that there was a place like heaven
    Across the water on a 747
    Yeah, we’re living in
    In a modern world. read more »

    Electric Light Orchestra
  • 59.
    Buffalo Soldier

    Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock Rasta
    There was a Buffalo Soldier
    In the heart of America
    Stolen from Africa, brought to America
    Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival read more »

    Marley Bob
  • 60.
    Dying In America

    Once upon a high
    The streets were gold and blue was
    In the sky riders gone
    Never could belong
    Maybe you still can dream
    Sleep through screams
    While we're dying in America read more »

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