Songs About / On: ANGEL

In this page, songs on / about “angel” are listed.
  • 51.
    Help Me Angel

    Help me angel
    Plant my feet a little higher
    Help me angel
    I've been too close to the fire
    Help me angel read more »

    Winwood Steve
  • 52.
    Angel Of Love

    My angel make him dream of me tonight
    Just tell him I´m alone, he´ll hold me tight
    Angel of love
    Angel of love
    Why don´t you try read more »

    Blossom (blauuml;mchen)
  • 53.
    Send Angels

    Send angels, send angels, send angels
    Show me you love me
    Send Angels, send angels, send angels
    Show me you love me read more »

  • 54.
    Angel Came Tumbling Down

    Nobody cries in Eden
    Nobody dares it's our home town
    Everybody cried when angel came tumbling down
    Somebody said they saw her grave
    Somebody said she almost drowned read more »

    Wild Strawberries
  • 55.

    Who is the dream who starts me dreamin'?
    Then keeps me worryin' and schemin?
    Who start me walkin' 'round in clover?
    Angel-Baby. read more »

    Dean Martin
  • 56.
    Calling My Personal Angel

    (I gotta take some time)
    (To find refuge)
    (Refuge in your love)

    I gotta take some time
    To get through to you
    I gotta let myself go
    You've been on my mind
    I've been in my room
    I've been searching my soul read more »

    Janz Paul
  • 57.
    Devil in Disguise

    (words & music by giant - baum - kaye)
    You look like an angel
    Walk like an angel
    Talk like an angel
    But I got wise
    You’re the devil in disguise
    Oh yes you are
    The devil in disguise read more »

    Elvis Presley
  • 58.
    You Okay Honey?

    Christmas bells are ringing
    Christmas bells are ringing
    Christmas bells are ringing
    Somewhere else! read more »

    Original Broadway Cast
  • 59.
    Enter The Angel

    Oh I was walking
    Down through gardens wet with rain
    Someone changing
    Changing everything
    Then I was wondering read more »

    Foxx John
  • 60.
    Unlikely Angel

    Like the phoenix
    From the ash and dirt
    I rose up from the pain and hurt
    When I was at my very worst
    I found you
    Thought I could never love again
    When a stream of light came beaming in
    A thread of hope
    For me to spend around you read more »

    Dolly Parton
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