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  • 31.
    Sound Of Lies

    It's a matter of time
    Till I fall
    In the middle of the town
    There stands a tall brick wall
    In the middle of a dream read more »

  • 32.
    I Remember L. a.

    I remember l.a.
    Seems a lifetime ago
    We were stars on sunset boulevard
    What a movie we made

    There were days in the sun
    That have stayed forever young
    Nights when passion was invincible
    We tought love would never die read more »

    Celine Dion
  • 33.

    Muchos caminos, tu emprenderas
    mil y un oceanos cruzaras
    siempre en ti, voy a reinar
    en cada calle, cada boulevard
    te encontraras buscandome read more »

  • 34.
    Fall from Grace

    Lost inside this angeltown
    Lost like I could not be found
    No connections of the heart
    Love was glass that broke apart
    Gimme faith in dreams
    And someone to hold
    Gimme love ’cause I’m out here in the cold
    There are no secrets
    No angels at my door read more »

    Amanda Marshall
  • 35.
    Dead Man's Curve

    I was cruisin' in my Stingray late one night,
    When an XKE pulled up on the right
    He rolled down the window of his shiny new Jag,
    And challenged me then and there to a drag
    I said "You're on buddy -- my mill's running fine, read more »

    Jan And Dean
  • 36.
    When Seconds Count

    (Jim Peterik/Frankie Sullivan)
    Can't remember just how it ended
    I'm hazy as to how it began
    Crazy how our lives got so tangled
    Now we're simply silent partners again read more »

  • 37.
    Tu T'envoles

    J'ai pas la vie qu'est trop facile
    Je sais même plus si c'est ca une vie
    Je suis pas prêt d'être moins triste
    Surtout quand je te voie
    J'ai pas la vie qu'est trop facile read more »

    Solo Mano
  • 38.
    Quand On Arrive En Ville

    Quand tout l'monde dort tranquille
    Dans les banlieues-dortoir
    On voit les Etoiles Noires
    Descendre sur la ville
    Qui est-ce qui viole les filles read more »

    Berger Michel
  • 39.
    Living Too Late

    Crow's feet are ingrained on my face
    And I'm living too late
    Try to wash the black off my face, but it's ingrained
    And I'm living too late
    Sleepless, in-control spleen read more »

  • 40.
    Road Signs + Rock Songs

    postcards on the floor
    but this pen can't write lonliness no more.
    waking up all alone
    on the opposite side of the coast.

    I'm commited to insecurity and you.
    and love is overated.
    it leaves you devistated
    heart ripped in two

    roadside state of mind
    boulevard of broken dreams washed out this
    time after time I was lost and looking
    but knew I'd never find
    what is mine in a world that's so unkind.

    and love is overated.
    it leaves you devistated.

    the only things I know are
    road signs and rock songs and lonely hotel rooms.
    but still I need you here, whats new?

    it's 6am. las vegas doesn't look so cool
    once the sun come up.
    I draw the blinds and I dream of you.

    I'm committed to all these memories of you.
    and love is overated.
    it leaves you devistated.
    love is overrated. read more »

    The Ataris
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