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  • 41.

    Catman, you’re looking cool today,
    We say, catman, umm, catman, umm.
    My name is rosy and my hangs on you,
    Catman, umm, catman.
    So keep your high-heel boots and your knee-high mind,
    Come up to my pad and see my work,
    Go for a meal and hear my joke,
    Or get in a bag and take a poke,
    But don’t be too clever or we’ll kick your fillies in. read more »

    Yoko Ono
  • 42.

    Ahh ah, welcome to a brand new day [repeat 4X]

    [LL Cool J]
    Word up, this shit gon' be ill
    (Uh-huh, uh-huh..) raw like sushi
    Love paper like Ricky love Lucy
    Pop collars, L got heat
    Fifteen years, I'm thorough on the street
    Flood the rap game with product
    That bullshit video, I don't know why you shot it
    The biggest L of them all, "Hollis to Hollywood"
    and I still play the wall, y'all's get the balls
    motherfucker, Duke fold like singles
    Bass from my joint make your clitoris tingle
    That's my word scrams, stupid ass in the club
    You buy a bitch a drink, now you fallin in love
    I gave y'all the love game you thought I was soft
    Now you whinin like a bitch over some broad you lost
    Playboy bunny got you feelin all crummy
    Y'all niggaz want the honey all we want is the money

    [repeat 4X]
    M.I. crooked letter, crooked letter
    I, nigga want to hump-that I

    [LL Cool J]
    I had a bad shooby-doobie for ya
    Down in Georgetown fuckin with the Hoyas
    Lookin for a darkskin chocolate chick
    Bowlegged with a perm and the ass was thick
    Blacker the berry - well you know the rest
    She got the most rhythm, she ride the best
    Talkin midnight black, nappy hair with peas in the back
    Scratch my pipe up everytime I hit that (oow)
    She don't look Hawaiian, she not Puerto Rican
    No disrespect mami, but tonight L creepin
    with the darkest honey I could find
    Can't hit a light-skinned dime all the time
    Get your black ass over here, you out your mind?
    I'll turn Halle Berry down for you anytime
    Black queen, dark and lovely, sippin on my bubbly
    First you got to love yourself, then you can love me

    [repeat 4X]
    M.I. crooked letter, crooked letter
    I, nigga want to hump-that I

    [LL Cool J]
    I still love you light skin, I'll pimp y'all too
    When I cruise through your hood girl, whatcha gon' do?
    I heard only pretty boys get to run wit you
    Topless in my six now, is that really true?
    Baby look at you, your whole yellow crew
    Cute baby face but look at what you bout to do?
    "Si'l vous plais ma cherie, merci beaucoup"
    When my joint up in her mouth, she like, "You speak French too?"

    [repeat 8X]
    M.I. crooked letter, crooked letter
    I, nigga want to hump-that I read more »

    Ll Cool J
  • 43.
    Jungle Music

    It started on the sands of land of the mother
    Word to mother, king like my father
    My style survived slave ships, whips, and chains, hardships
    Still through all this the praise roll off my lips
    Bring your guns, chains and tone force your religion read more »

    Jeru The Damaja
  • 44.

    "...invaded by hordes of scummy, race-mixing traitors and Red-led Marxist
    mongrels demanding human rights for subhumans. Yes, once again, we see
    amassed the underground army of social malcontents, racial throwbacks, and
    genetically-botched black boneheads--this army of ghetto guerrillas and
    street-razor savages that has turned our cities into jungles and our schools
    into battlefields. Now this army of the ignorant, the shiftless, the criminal
    and the irresponsible, after receiving read more »

    Big Black
  • 45.
    Somebody's Gotta Feel This

    I used to party with the betties on the lower east side
    Never drop top forty cause I always rock b-sides
    G-rides with a hundred spokes to match
    We roll two deep...three freaks...four amps in the back
    I kicked that crack game rap game now I let my axe bang
    Livin’ in sin and it’s a beautiful thing
    I wanna twang like hang...rock like roll
    Got soul like stevie when I’m under the sun and so read more »

    Kid Rock
  • 46.
    Beginning Of A Great Adventure

    It might be great to have a kid that I could kick around
    a little me to fill up with thoughts
    A little me or he or she to fill up with my dreams
    a way of saying life is not a loss
    I'd keep the tyke away from school read more »

    Reed Lou
  • 47.
    Family Functions

    Now that you are my most special one,
    And you know we've already gone to the prom,
    Won't you come with me to family functions?
    Won't you be the one that I've got on my arm?
    It's not every boy who brings me broken arrows. read more »

    That Dog
  • 48.
    You Need a Hug

    Maybe you should work for sick of it all
    Or get a job with the l.a.p.d.
    Did someone switch your ritalin with ephedrine?
    Just don’t take your fucking problems out on me. read more »

  • 49.
    Beginning of a Great Adventure

    It might be fun to have a kid that I could kick around
    A little me to fill up with my thoughts
    A little me or he or she to fill up with my dreams
    A way of saying life is not a loss read more »

    Lou Reed
  • 50.
    The Way That You Talk

    [featuring da brat, jd]

    It’s scary, I’m miss up’s to da area
    So so def, next to jay d
    This funkdafide baby keep ’em crazy read more »

    Jagged Edge
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