Songs About / On: BUTTERFLY

In this page, songs on / about “butterfly” are listed.
  • 1.

    You could flap your wings a thousand miles away
    A laughing salesman sings
    His world so far away
    Butterfly read more »

  • 2.
    Catching The Butterfly

    As though you were born
    As though you were born
    And so you thought
    And so you thought
    The future’s ours
    The future’s ours
    To keep and hold
    To keep and hold
    A child within
    A child within
    Has healing ways
    Has healing ways
    It sees me through
    It sees me through
    My darkest days
    My darkest days read more »

  • 3.

    Swallow purple terror candy
    Don’t forget to breathe
    Sickened by the wanting
    And drowning from the need
    This dichromatic vision
    Of one who does not care
    To sipping cocktail sedatives
    Two months to hide somewhere
    Butterflies, butterflies
    Cut the stomach out and
    Hand it over
    Butterflies, butterflies
    My heart will be
    The bridge that
    You walk over read more »

    Natalie Imbruglia
  • 4.

    You tell me you love me, you say you’ll be true
    Then you fly around with somebody new
    But I’m crazy about you, you butterfly read more »

    Andy Williams
  • 5.

    You tell me you love me, you say you'll be true
    Then you fly around with somebody new
    But I'm crazy about you, you butterfly
    You treat me mean, you're makin' me cry
    I've made up my mind to tell you goodbye read more »

    Williams Andy
  • 6.
    Yellow Butterfly

    In the temple of gods
    The day had come to come together
    In the early morning sun
    They saw that girl that come to heaven read more »

  • 7.

    Hey man you wanna be the pilot
    Of a kamikaze aeroplane
    Instead I bet you’re gonna add it to
    A list of things you never tried read more »

    Ass Ponys
  • 8.
    Madam Butterfly (un Bel Di Vedremo)

    Back in Nagasaki
    I got married to Cho Cho San
    that was her name
    Back in those days and I was her man.
    I'm going back to visit her
    she got a problem read more »

    Malcom And Mclaren
  • 9.
    Black Butterfly

    With your wings frayed and torn,
    Laughter's your's so is scorn
    As they point to you in shame.
    You're a BLACK BUTTERFLY read more »

    Ellington Duke
  • 10.
    Southern Butterfly

    Where I walk
    And life is warm
    Sun and breath
    Hopefully here
    All our hearts are blessed. read more »

    Faithfull Marianne
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