Songs About / On: CELEBRATE

In this page, songs on / about “celebrate” are listed.
  • 31.

    Faced with shame,
    I accept a will that that’s long departed
    Phased with games,
    I resent a world I once regarded
    But now it seems the changes must be made… read more »

    Paradise Lost
  • 32.

    When the moment's right
    Only moments rise
    For a lesser blessed
    It'd all promises read more »

    Fields Of The Nephilim
  • 33.

    (McDonald / McAlinden)
    Building brave new worlds and living great white hopes.
    Narrow-eyed and lean, a fearless legionnaire.
    I have never found the strength of my desire.
    You lived through extremes and struggled to survive. read more »

  • 34.
    Can You Celebrate?

    Can You Celebrate?
    Can You Kiss Me Tonight?
    We Will Love Long Long Time
    Eien te iu kotoba nante shiranakatta yo ne...
    (Can You Celebrate?) read more »

    Amuro Namie
  • 35.

    The Fields of the Nephilim
    Revision 4. 11 Feb '93. read more »

    Fields Of The Nephilim
  • 36.
    Celebrate The Rain

    Heatwaves and dry white sand
    drifting in a desrt searching for the promised land
    don't know where I am
    vibrations in the stale air
    creating a mirage looking with a blank stare read more »

    Sub-urban Tribe
  • 37.

    Friday night the 13th
    At the ruins of a crow
    Dark figures come together
    For an awful vow
    They have sworn to Satan read more »

    Running Wild
  • 38.
    Celebrate Her

    There is a love
    Doesn't flower, doesn't die, doesn't follow,
    doesn't try, doesn't worry,doesn't cry
    I know why
    Bare in her innocence, read more »

  • 39.
    Black Celebration

    Let’s have a black celebration
    Black celebration

    To celebrate the fact
    That we’ve seen the back
    Of another black day read more »

    Depeche Mode
  • 40.
    In All Honesty

    sit alone and celebrate good times of change
    sit alone anticipate great times of change

    but their all washed away with laughter read more »

    Paradise Lost
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