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Songs About / On: CHICAGO

In this page, songs on / about “chicago” are listed.
  • 61.
    Do What You Want, Be What You Are

    Do what you want, be what you are

    Do what you want girl, but be what you are read more »

    Hall & Oates
  • 62.
    Can't We All Just Get Along?

    (at the dinner table)

    Welcome everybody to my table
    Don’t be shy, man, grab a seat
    C’mon, it’s time to eat, dig in read more »

  • 63.
    Run To Mexico

    Come on baby, don't you wanna go? I could take you there
    You could get what you want in the south, you could let down your hair
    I said do you, don't you, will you, won't you
    Baby won't you please let me know
    I ain't talkin' 'bout Chicago, I'm talkin' about Mexico read more »

    Waite John
  • 64.
    Growing Up

    I dried my eyes, now I crust them with sleep
    Ill crust them over
    She begged me don’t hate me
    She spun me a story
    Where winning looks like loosing
    And I’m winning every time
    So thread spools sweetie, get ready
    Until my silk is sold read more »

    Fall Out Boy
  • 65.

    Been and seen down flight from chicago
    All aboard the african queen
    I am on a night boat down to cairo read more »

  • 66.
    Christmas in Dixie

    Written by teddy gentry, randy owen, jeff cook, and mark herndon

    By now in new york city, there’s snow on the ground
    And out in california, the sunshine’s falling down
    And, maybe down in memphis, graceland’s all in lights
    And in atlanta, geoirgia, there’s peace on earth tonight read more »

  • 67.
    Wabash Cannonball

    I stood on the Atlantic Ocean
    The wide Pacific shore
    To the queen of the flowing mountains
    To the southbell by the door
    She's long and tall and handsome read more »

    Guthrie Arlo
  • 68.
    Can't We All Just Get Along (at The Dinner Table)

    Welcome everybody to my table
    Don't be shy, man, grab a seat
    C'mon, it's time to eat, dig in
    Frejoles de T.J., sushi from Japan
    Weenies from America read more »

  • 69.
    What=b9s That Smell? =

    (Jeffery Dahmer )
    Jeffery lived in Milwaukee with eleven men
    But they were in pieces because he dismembered them.
    What=B9s that smell? - did something die
    The landlord thought that it was coming from outside read more »

  • 70.
    New Orleans Sunset

    Never been south of dallas
    West of OKC
    I want to see this whole damn country
    From sea to shining sea
    Never been north of Chicago read more »

    Dave Lewis Band
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