Songs About / On: CHILDHOOD

In this page, songs on / about “childhood” are listed.
  • 51.
    Precious Memories

    As I travel down life’s pathway,
    Know not what the years may hold.
    As I ponder, hopes grow fonder,
    Precious memories flood my soul read more »

    Bob Dylan
  • 52.

    Music by elton john
    Lyrics by bernie taupin
    Available on the soundtrack friends

    I hope the day will be a lighter highway
    For friends are found on every road
    Can you ever think of any better way
    For the lost and weary travellers to go read more »

    Elton John
  • 53.

    take a lightbulb from the closetand replace the one above the faucetscrape the whisker from my facenick my lip in pointless haste read more »

    Vic Chesnutt
  • 54.

    I am scared
    I think I’m scared of myself
    My problems and faults read more »

    Papa Roach
  • 55.
    Vintage Eyes

    Tired clothes and vintage eyes
    Search for the stars
    The world you know lies inside
    Velvet dreams and a candy prize
    As a child i say the world read more »

    Second Coming
  • 56.
    2nd Childhood

    [nas] yeah, hahaha

    Cause when I flow the for the street.. - .. who else could it be
    Nas.. read more »

  • 57.
    Day of The Lords

    This is the room, the start of it all,
    No portrait so fine, only sheets on the wall,
    I’ve seen the nights, filled with bloodsport and pain,
    And the bodies obtained, the bodies obtained. read more »

    Joy Division
  • 58.
    There Is An Ocean

    There is an ocean of vast proportion
    And she flows within ourselves.
    To take dips daily we dive in gaily,
    He knows who goes within himself.
    The abode of Angels, the mystical Promised Land, read more »

  • 59.
    Let A Boy Cry

    I pass through noise and silence, I walk alone
    It's a beautiful day, it's raining and it's cold
    Reflected onto the wet pavement, can you see what I see?
    The trembling image of my eyes that are still free
    I pass through noise and silence, I walk alone read more »

  • 60.
    View Master

    I turned on the TV set to check up on Battle of the Planets
    At seven a.m. on Saturday
    But G-Force and Mr. Magoo went the way of the New Zoo Revue
    And all my Super Friends have gone away
    Daphne, Fred and Velma, what am I to do? read more »

    Ookla The Mok
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