Songs About / On: CINDERELLA

In this page, songs on / about “cinderella” are listed.
  • 11.
    Cenerentola (cinderella)

    As the day now comes to the ending
    and the neon lights up the city

    There's a girl who's tired of waiting;
    When it's time I'm sure she'll be ready read more »

  • 12.
    Death of Cinderella

    I’m wise and ambitious,
    And angry and free,
    And smart and available,
    And sexy...
    I’m soft and appealing,
    And wearing pajamas,
    And twisted and willing,
    And crazy... read more »

    Alanis Morissette
  • 13.
    Baby You Are

    I heard you when you cried
    And gave a quiet sigh
    You don't need another tear to fall
    You don't need him at all
    You don't know how much you mean read more »

    Uncle Sam
  • 14.
    Cinderalla Man

    A modest man from mandrake
    Travelled rich to the city
    He had a need to discover
    A use for his newly-found wealth read more »

  • 15.
    Fairy Tale Hero

    Did he take you out dancing, holding you tight,
    Did he show you steps one, two, and three ?
    Did he leave you at your doorway, whispering good-night ?
    I wish I'd been there to see how he did it,
    I wish I'd been there to see. read more »

    Faithfull Marianne
  • 16.
    A Little Night Dancin'

    Well, west of Zion
    They got a hot sport brewing
    Handcuffs and kisses
    For the people who live there
    Guitar player's playing read more »

    Mellencamp John Cougar
  • 17.
    Cant Anybody Stay Together

    Can't Anybody Stay Together
    Oh no, oh no..Prince Charming's leaving on
    And Cinderella's running along
    No glass slipper this time and no more compromise read more »

    Innocence Mission
  • 18.
    Blowing The Blues Away

    (M & L--Terry Watkinson)
    There's a bottle of wine in the kitchen
    If you feel like hanging around
    We can watch the rain on the window
    We can burn your blues to the ground read more »

    Max Webster
  • 19.
    Venus In Blue Jeans

    She's Venus in blue jeans
    Mona Lisa with a ponytail
    She's walkin' talkin' work of art
    She's the girl who stole my heart
    My Venus in blue jeans read more »

    Clanton Jimmy
  • 20.

    Got hips like cinderella
    Must be having a good shame
    Talking sweet about nothing
    Cookie I think you’re
    Tame read more »

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