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In this page, songs on / about “commitment” are listed.
  • 11.
    Recovering The Satellites

    Gonna get back to basics
    Guess I’ll start it up again
    I’m falling’ from the ceiling
    You’re falling from the sky now and then
    Maybe you were shot down in pieces read more »

    Counting Crows
  • 12.

    I remember when it all first began
    We were tight right from the start
    It wasn’t long before you came on strong
    Trying hard to win my heart
    I played hard to get
    But I couldn’t help but give up my heart in the end
    You were thoughtful
    Careful not to hurt the relationship read more »

    Christina Aguilera
  • 13.
    A Love To Last

    I was so pre-occupied
    Couldn't see what was right before my eyes
    A love that's meant to last

    In dissaray my life was back to front
    I turned it round and decided what I want
    Is for a love to last

    Last , seems that I always put you last
    But now I realise at last
    There's gonna be a change
    (A Time to change)

    My commitment is to you and me
    Now I know what my poor heart really needs
    A love that's meant to last

    My emotions have been carressed
    So let me put in one sincere request
    For a love to last

    Last, seems that I always put you last
    But now I realise at last
    There's gonna be a change

    I was so pre-occupied
    Couldn't see what was right before my eyes
    A love that's meant to last

    All I want
    Is for a love to last

    (Unsurpassed - A love to last)

    (The future's cast - A love to last) read more »

  • 14.
    (theme From) A Girl In The Affair

    our love is freedom our love is free from
    all those married things that raise their ugly heads
    our love is distant there's no commitment
    there might be something better up ahead instead
    our love is so safe you live in another state read more »

    Sobule Jill
  • 15.
    Another Half Apology

    I'm holding on there's not much patience left, I'm holding on but I won't hold my breath, I did my part and now it's up to you, We're hoping this time you come through, Another half apology we're waiting, You said "No worries" then I should have known, Every time I've heard that phrase I've been let down, Guess I have no one else to blame but me, Even when I know it's wrong, I still want to believe, Another half apology, Another broken promise another time you failed us, One more excuse to buy some time, Another disappointment another dropped commitment, You still won't admit you let us down, Now you're angry that we won't hold on It's our fault for giving up too soon You act surprised that we'll no longer wait Can't you see that it's already too late?, You let me down read more »

    Ten Foot Pole
  • 16.
    A Friend Is A Friend

    When eyes meet in silence
    A pact can be made
    A life-long alliance
    That won't be betrayed read more »

    Townshend Pete
  • 17.
    Penguin Freud

    No direction, need protection,
    All the futures pass with me
    Feel rejection, isolation
    Still in silence
    Want to be, lone in me read more »

  • 18.
    Nobody's In Love This Year

    written by Warren Zevon 1989 Zevon Music Inc. BMI
    We keep walking away for no reason at all
    And no one says a word
    We were always so busy protecting ourselves
    We never would have heard read more »

    Zevon Warren
  • 19.

    Well I found my inpiration there
    In silent whispers it just came to me so clear
    Simple question of what was i doing there read more »

    Eagle-eye Cherry
  • 20.
    Let The River Run Its Course

    The future’s deserted waiting there for you and me
    No past is going to stop us blowing down this road apiece
    Why we’ve come too far, too far to turn back now
    We can’t just throw it all away when something good goes wrong, oh no
    Nothing has been written which says which way we have to go
    I’m not looking for commitment written in stone
    No everlasting promise no no read more »

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