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  • 51.
    Alive With Pleasure

    The Marlboro Man's Dead and so are all his cowboys their propoganda killed my
    motehr preyed on force of habit te Marlboro Man is dead and so are all his
    cowboys their propoganda killed my mother addicted her to the soot Alive with
    pleasure eager to purchase alive with pleasure happy to smolder She exhaled
    pain I inhaled decay no iron lung can cut a tumor the size of a fist from read more »

    Born Against
  • 52.
    H'wood - W'ton

    the law and order cowboy likes to play
    big boss of the u.s.a.
    he acts like a second-rate uncle man
    but hollywood ain't washington
    he says beware of the present danger read more »

  • 53.
    Rock'n'roll Cowboy

    Er kam heut in die Stadt
    auf einem alten Motorrad
    und schwankte so wie einst John Wayne in die Disco rein read more »

    Maggie Mae
  • 54.
    Where Have All The Cowboys Gone

    Where Have All The Cowboys Goneoh you get me ready in your 56 chevy
    why don't we go sit down in the shade
    take shelter on my front porch
    he dandy lion sun scorching,
    like a glass of cold lemonade
    i will do laundry if you pay all the bills read more »

    Paula Cole
  • 55.
    Cowboy Style

    Written: kylie minogue/steve anderson/david seaman

    Shed my skin since you came in
    Where do you end and I begin?
    Awoke my senses yet you stopped time
    You took me to a deeper high
    The essence of my hopes and fears
    Creation of my muddled dreams read more »

    Kylie Minogue
  • 56.
    Cowboy Song


    I am just a cowboy, lonesome on the trail
    those starry nights, campfire lights
    the coyote call, the howling wind wails
    as I ride out on an uncertain sundown read more »

    Golden Smog
  • 57.
    Loinclothing (5 28)

    The heat of the night
    It's feeding worms in the hay
    And soon to surround the sheep's head
    See the distant howl of pleasure
    And it's sending shivers down the spine read more »

    Hunters And Collectors
  • 58.
    Dance With Me Cowgirl

    Stumbled on this country bar
    I don't know the language here
    Well, I'm just a city boy out to have a beer
    I don't own no cowboy clothes
    I don't know how to docie-doe read more »

    New West
  • 59.

    In Texas
    in Texas da ist es schön

    das kann nur ein Cowboy ein Cowboy verstehn.
    Der Whisky
    die Liebe und Cowboymusik
    sind dort in Texas
    in Texas
    in Texas das Glück. read more »

    Gloria Sisters
  • 60.
    Cowboy Song

    I am just a cowboy lonesome on the trail
    A starry night, a campfire light
    The coyote call, the howling winds wail
    So I ride out to the old sundown read more »

    Thin Lizzy
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