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Songs About / On: CRAP

In this page, songs on / about “crap” are listed.
  • 21.
    Jibba This

    We're slaves to saving time, as if we didn't have enough
    We're slaves to the hormone, we're men and must be tough
    We're slaves to the dollar, and the happiness that it brings
    tradition rules from the start generations running round in rings

    [ Chorus ]
    I want out I want to escape the human role
    They teach us we're fulfilled, when we've done what we're told
    Now I feel an emptiness whenever I act out on my own
    Now i'm going to break these binds, and get my life back on track
    fulfill the expectations with others behind, and fulfill my life with what you call crap

    [Chorus ]
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    Eve 6
  • 22.
    I Got Mine

    I went down to a little crap game, that was against my will
    Lost every penny that I had in my pocket but a greenback dollar bill
    The man threw the dice right on the floor and the things they cut like knives
    Just then I jumped out the back door, boys, I got mine
    I got mine read more »

    Jas. Mathus And His Knock Down Society
  • 23.

    killer in the morning scent of rain come on
    fills the part put on me stranger ive been shown
    less we love and know how were just morter filling holes
    the glass eyed creature creaks the broken floors read more »

    Skinny Puppy
  • 24.

    Time, time, time
    minutes to go, searching crime
    Outside, people
    they're marching the streets
    We're looking out the windows read more »

  • 25.
    Fleeting Fury

    cries of anarchy, cries of freedom cries of fury in the united kingdom =
    started out loud, started out young started out poor and just for fun =
    tales of youth fighting back just another load of crap the clothes you =
    wear have lost their sting so's the fury in the songs you sing walking =
    with a goose-step, rose up high making sure you're seen in the public = read more »

    Teen Idols
  • 26.
    Fleeting Fury

    Cries of anarchy, cries of freedom
    Cries of fury in the United Kingdom
    Started out loud, started out young
    Started out poor and just for fun
    Tales of youth fighting back read more »

    Teen Idles
  • 27.
    Humans Being

    Humans being

    (off the twister soundtrack)
    There is just enough christ in me
    To make me feel almost guilty read more »

    Van Halen
  • 28.
    Lyle The Liar

    With a beard and a limp
    He'll tell you heaps about his business
    but he's only talking crap.
    And he's a lying bastard
    And he's a lying bastard read more »

    Adrian Furby Trio
  • 29.
    Pain Of Mind

    Your mind is restricted
    From years of obedience
    Thoughts are never your own
    Yourmind is a trap loaded with
    Crap read more »

  • 30.
    Shit Eater

    Ass in the air, turd ring dialating
    Matted butt hair, anal vapor rising
    Give it a squeeze, my feast is emerging
    Give it to me, let's begin the purging read more »

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