Songs About / On: EMPTY

In this page, songs on / about “empty” are listed.
  • 31.

    Angela, I'm still alive
    Angela, I'm still alive
    The sun and the sea
    The darkness in the way
    All the pain don't get no better
    It gets stronger every day read more »

    Bee Gees
  • 32.
    She Ionizes Atomizes

    She ionizes and atomizes
    Then turns to sunlight
    He realizes and itemizes
    Pulls harder than gravity
    She ionizes and atomizes read more »

    Modest Mouse
  • 33.
    Naked in Front of The Computer

    My box is full
    And my mouth is full
    And my life is full

    And now my memory’s full
    In how many ways and words
    Can you say nothing
    Millions of ways and words
    To say nothing read more »

    Faith No More
  • 34.
    Vein Water

    Stripped of my wings
    Water the brain
    Under the skin
    Broken read more »

    Old Lady Drivers
  • 35.

    Lying, Liably
    Trying, all that tried me
    hurting, hurt me
    dying, deadly
    wanting , want me read more »

    Blind Ernie
  • 36.
    Vein Water

    Stripped of my wings
    Water the brain

    Under the skin
    Empty vein read more »

  • 37.
    All Night Party

    At the all night party
    Standing in the corner
    I am watching you
    Drink in my hand
    I wish it were you instead read more »

    Clark Anne
  • 38.
    Banner Year

    (Reese Roper/Scott Kerr)
    A banner year 1864, don't want the red man anymore,
    Can't have them taking up good land.
    Give them a token flag, trade pipes and shake some hands,
    Tell them the white stripes stand for peace. read more »

    Five Iron Frenzy
  • 39.
    This House is Empty Now

    These rooms play tricks upon you
    Remember when they were always filled with laughter
    But now they’re quite deserted
    They seem to just echo voices raised in anger
    Maybe you will see my face
    Reflected there on the pane
    In the window up above for long
    In broken home read more »

    Elvis Costello
  • 40.
    Empty Bottles

    I think it's time to sit this last one out
    Before I fall and make an ass of myself
    We'll never learn until we see the other side
    An open mind, we'll try to keep on holding out
    Your at a party the other day read more »

    Voodoo Glow Skulls
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