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Songs About / On: EMPTY

In this page, songs on / about “empty” are listed.
  • 61.
    Fatal Wound

    don't the lights look empty
    when the streets are bare
    almost as empty
    as the look you give me
    when I'm the only one read more »

    Uncle Tupelo
  • 62.
    The Empty World

    As stiff as toys
    And tall as men
    And swaying like the wind torn trees
    She talked about the empty world
    With eyes like poisoned birds read more »

  • 63.

    Where is my real imaginary world? Empty spaces of the sunset
    spaces of the lost hopes of the deprived of feelings faces
    The laughing devil is disappearin' in the clouds of smoke spiderweb
    life is running 'way against the sad light of the day the left shreds in my hands
    Blood in the empty, forgotten tins cut off heads, strange creations of the nature read more »

    Cemetery Of Scream
  • 64.
    Never Forgotten Place

    Glassy eyes - Empty remains
    Dead voices - Broken dreams
    Irresolute souls - Self destruction

    Narrow coffin - Beautiful Grave
    Black flowers - Bloody tears
    Hopeless minds - Senseless words
    Rest peaceful - Deep sorrow read more »

  • 65.

    Impatiently waiting
    To seize the moment
    Blood churns
    Rotten stench
    Enhanced by your senses
    Stone cold read more »

  • 66.
    Out Of Reach

    Feeling empty
    Here in my world
    No redemption
    No mercy
    Chorus: read more »

    Econoline Crush
  • 67.
    Emotional Stain

    Me...I'm misunderstood
    I'm not who you thought I was
    See...I'm on the outside
    Staring at the world, that you live in
    Chorus: read more »

    Econoline Crush
  • 68.

    It's a beautiful night for me to be here
    With my empty head
    I should have stayed at home & watch the weather
    It's a wonderful night buts it's a shame because there is an empty bed
    I should have stayed at home read more »

  • 69.
    Nightly Friends

    I thing I saw their faces
    They stood behind the window
    They stared deep at my dark room
    The faces become clearer read more »

  • 70.

    Why won't you face me
    it's been such a long time
    i'm walking a fine line
    now were walking out read more »

    God Lives Underwater
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