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  • 21.
    Car Crash

    Red, the color the lines the road 225 the fearless explode
    Who burns rubber from coast to coast supernova gets burned like toast
    Gasoline blood fire veins honk Kong flu rides soul train
    Concrete breakfast, star struck fame first place killer the man with no name,
    Machine shop rodeo the scrap pile boss, you're the one who's gonna learn about read more »

    Powerman 5000
  • 22.
    Ever Since Time Began

    Way back in ancient days
    I took the shape of a golden idol
    They knelt in front of me
    Worshipped me, prayed to me
    I saw the greed in their eyes read more »

    Mekong Delta
  • 23.
    Fame (What She's Wanting)

    Staring down from 30,000 feet above the planet
    She gets the sense nothing's behind her anymore
    Her quest for fame has left her nothing short of a fanatic
    For the chance to be the one that we adore

    Fame's what she's wanting
    You can't go too far (when that's who you are...because)
    Fame's what she's wanting
    Not a face in the crowd just a disposable pop star

    They called her princess cause they always knew she'd be a servant
    Never having an ambition in her life
    They all knew she end up just another loser's girlfriend
    Who'd a thought she'd become a Jedi Knight

    Bittersweet the taste of...... read more »

  • 24.
    Still A Man

    Call him anything you can
    A sinner or a saint
    Call him a boozer
    A winner or a loser
    He's still a man read more »

    Vaya Con Dios
  • 25.
    Fistful Of Diamonds

    Money makes me crazy, money makes me insane
    Diamonds, silver, gold, and precious steel
    I want it all, it's mine to claim
    I hold my hands out, I take it all read more »

  • 26.
    Some Lie 4 Love (3:34)

    Somewhere south of the border
    Headin' for a doll serenade
    Taking more than we aughta'
    Shakin' off the masquerade
    Lonely, she decided to see ya' read more »

    L.a. Guns
  • 27.
    The World's Greatest Lover

    I am the world's greatest lover
    The greatest lover in the world
    I know the game much better than the rest
    If you give me a chance
    You'll go down with the best
    Through history they'll sing of your name
    The world's greatest lover
    Will bring you fame read more »

    Garzilli Enrico
  • 28.

    Baby look at me
    And tell me what you see.
    You ain't seen the best of me yet
    Give me time, I'll make you forget the rest.
    I got a story, and you can set it free read more »

    Cara Irene
  • 29.
    Ho Ballato Di Tutto

    Ho ballato di tutto, lo sai
    sui sentieri dei grammofoni, sai
    Woody, woody...
    Ho ballato un po' con tutti, lo sai
    gente nuova e gente vecchia, lo sai read more »

    Conte Paolo
  • 30.
    Song 3

    Come join the band
    Come shag the damned
    God I blow them away
    A heart of chrome
    A broken home
    I got plenty to say read more »

    Robbie Williams
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