Songs About / On: FOREST

In this page, songs on / about “forest” are listed.
  • 31.
    Call Of The Black Forest

    No more reign of crosses
    with hanging corpses of god's son
    Enough damned bells
    of false asshole's temples
    I raise the ancient gods read more »

  • 32.
    Autumn Winds Before The Rain

    The wind was on the withered heath
    But in the forest stirred no leaf
    There shadows lay by night and day
    When one came down he lost his faith
    The wind came down from mountains cold read more »

  • 33.
    Rage Of The Winter

    Cold is the winter snow falls down
    mystical lights dance in the sky to the winds of night
    Spell of the nature fill all my soul
    kiss with your wonderful song my land with love
    Rage of the winter mould the horizon read more »

  • 34.
    Through The Midnight Spheres

    Among evil gods I sleep
    Their ancient hymns were my dreams
    But the vast and cold forest beckons
    So I rose with the funeral moon
    From my coffin of blackest slone read more »

  • 35.
    Critical Mass

    -------- ----
    by Nuclear Assault from "Handle With Care" (c) 1989

    The bio-sphere, the place we live
    It seems like we don't give a damn
    Other species flushed down the tubes
    We need another race to rape
    The way we live, we will destroy
    Every other living thing
    Till none are left except our race
    And then we will destroy ourselves
    ]Another oil spill
    ]Atomic waste displaced
    ]Another forest dies
    ]Bring on the acid rain
    Slightly insane, the type of greed
    That read more »

    Nuclear Assault
  • 36.
    King Of The Distant Forest

    The Mountains And Forests Is His Fortress
    The Primeval Starfilled Nightsky His Roof.
    He Is The King Of The Forgotten Realm
    Ruling With A Power Unknown.
    The Mightiest Of Elvenkings read more »

  • 37.
    In The Forest Of Moonlight

    In the forest of moonlight
    the secrets of ancient battler are hidden.
    But in the northern lands
    the memory of the brave still remain.
    Between the trees at the meadow read more »

  • 38.

    Small command that opend the door
    Drew away the curtain, I had to assign
    Into a forest I've never seen before
    One million pixels in a line
    Dark dark dark read more »

    Deine Lakaien
  • 39.
    Velvet Thorns (of Drynhwyl)

    (february 93)
    Ten Strings of Darkness on a Violin Sad
    I watch the Mountains where the Frost begins
    The Northern Storm is Guiding me
    To the Forest read more »

  • 40.
    The Ancient Forest Of Elves

    To the wind I will sing the tale of the king
    That reigned in peace and love
    Of the one of the man who crossed the path
    Of the ancient forest of elves read more »

    Luca Turilli
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