Songs About / On: FOREVER

In this page, songs on / about “forever” are listed.
  • 61.
    Y. O. Y. O. Y

    Words and music by rick nielsen
    Why, oh why, why, oh why can’t i
    Be in love forever
    Oh why can’t i
    Be in love for ever
    And ever and ever
    I wonder
    Why, oh why, why, oh why can’t i
    Be in love forever read more »

    Cheap Trick
  • 62.

    On a mountain road of stone
    Preachers cry out all alone
    Body in their blood runs thin
    All the time he's cashing in
    Long hours under the sun read more »

    Vicious Rumors
  • 63.
    Diamonds Are Forever

    Diamonds are forever,
    They are all I need to please me,
    They can stimulate and tease me,
    They won't leave in the night,
    I've no fear that they might desert me. read more »

    Bassey Shirley
  • 64.
    Since Forever

    On this cold and windy Sunday
    I'm sitting here alone...It's Autumn
    I'm looking at a yellow picture
    You have been gone forever read more »

    Mercyful Fate
  • 65.
    And So You Will My Love

    The music stopped
    The crowd is thinning now
    One phase of night
    Has reached an ending now
    And nothing
    Nothing lasts forever
    Except forever read more »

    Willie Nelson
  • 66.

    Lead vocal--Eric Woolfson
    Time, flowing like a river
    Time, beckoning me
    Who knows when we shall meet again
    If ever read more »

    Parsons Alan
  • 67.
    We've Got Forever

    (we’ve got forever, forever)

    [verse 1]
    I’ll plant you a garden
    Of laughter and tears
    With rain and with sunshine
    Love will grow through the years
    The dreams that we’re dreaming
    Have time to come true read more »

    Michael Jackson
  • 68.
    Forever Yellow Skies

    Yellow Sky
    I can see you in the yellow sky
    See you again
    I'll see you again
    In my dreams
    Morning light
    I remember morning light
    Outside my door
    I'll see you no more
    In my dreams read more »

    The Cranberries
  • 69.
    Forever Blue

    Nobody ever warns you, or tells you what to do.
    She walks away, your left to stay.
    Alone forever blue.

    The stars have all stopped shining, the sun just won't break through.
    Each days the same, more clouds more rain.
    Your left forever blue.

    Forever blue 'cause you love her, but she dosen't love you.
    You did your best, life did the rest.
    Your left forever blue.

    No reason left for living, still there's alot to do.
    New tears to cry, old songs to sing.
    And feel forever blue.
    And be forever....Blue read more »

    Chris Isaak
  • 70.
    I Could Stay Here Forever

    See the scheming behemoth
    Licking salt in their cave
    Being together is their zenith
    It’s how they behave
    Now we’re hanging in tandem
    Six trillion miles a year
    How can direction be random
    When you are so near read more »

    Frank Black
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