Songs About / On: FREEDOM

In this page, songs on / about “freedom” are listed.
  • 31.
    Freedom or Fire

    How can you accept social suppression
    This weak state of mind in our time
    I demand release from hypocrisy
    I’d rather die than be held down, forced down read more »

    Fear Factory
  • 32.
    The Sound Of Freedom

    We're Standing By A River
    In A Place Where Nothing Moves
    And The White Light In The Sky
    Is Meaningless And Cruel
    And We Turn Our Face Away read more »

  • 33.
    I've Found My Freedon

    I'm going down by the riverside
    gonna wash away my troubles in the noon day tide.
    The tax man's coming and he wants his dues
    but the only way to catch me is to wet his shoes. read more »

    Mac And Katie Kisson
  • 34.
    Red Sharks

    Trapped in their world no free passage to leave
    You accept their tyrannical dream
    You pray to their gods not your chosen onesFreedom's clutched in the jaws of red kings read more »

    Crimson Glory
  • 35.

    No is just a word
    That people say when they’re afraid
    And if you say no to me
    Then I will fight you till I’m free read more »

  • 36.
    Bells Of Freedom

    Way across the deep blue ocean
    Way above the mountain so high
    People sing and loitering's freely
    Songs of joy reach up to the sky.
    In this time of worry and confusion read more »

    Faithfull Marianne
  • 37.

    Believe in freedom in love and fortune
    And all we need
    Is a peace of heaven
    Believe in freedom in love and fortune
    And all we need read more »

    Dj Bobo
  • 38.
    To Whom It May Concern

    To whom it may concern

    Oh, I didn’t mean to yell
    But sometimes I get beside myself
    And oh, I didn’t mean to rush you
    But time keeps pushing so much
    Oh time keeps pushing so much read more »

  • 39.
    The Freedom Song

    Gabriel of Sedona
    (including Ogoni lyrics and translations)
    "A tribute to Ken Saro-Wiwa, the people of Nigeria, and freedom fighters of
    the world."
    Throughout the sad history the braveheart stood in the way
    Of the noble lords in pompous dress who had the evil say
    Counterpoint: OGANI (Village/tribe)
    KUWAMBÉ (Beautiful Music)
    And all the families of the meek who seek-to live in love, in peace
    Cannot keep what belongs to them-the nobles read more »

    Gabriel Of Sedona And The Bright And Morning Star Band
  • 40.
    Freedom Fighter

    You can’t control me tell me what to do
    Chained in mediocrity so I can be like you
    I am not a statue not part of a machine
    I’m sick and tired of the whole routine
    Calculate your future, computerise your past
    Instant replay if it’s gone too fast
    Take away my freedom, take away my home
    I’m only human but it might now show
    I’m not made of stone read more »

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