Songs About / On: GUILT

In this page, songs on / about “guilt” are listed.
  • 21.
    Evil Corners Of Mind

    there's time
    time to obey a devil in my body
    I'm looking forward to the evil
    its image is filling
    all the senses with welfare
    that's not right, I know
    but I cannot to hold it back
    time of my integrity has gone
    I'll become
    the executor of the evil affair read more »

  • 22.
    No Jesus, No Beast

    No cross
    No loss
    No wanton guilt for us to bear
    No blood
    No thorns
    No bastard son, no chosen one read more »

  • 23.
    In A Fullmoon Procession

    As the evining breaks
    The night awakes
    And the land is mournfully wrapped in silence
    Sorrow last
    And remains the past
    cause this will be my ending day read more »

  • 24.
    Suffer The Masses

    The promise cast, the hopeful lured
    Stabbing by the pointed words
    Tortures of the damned you'll find
    Guilt preys upon the human mind read more »

    Flotsam And Jetsam
  • 25.
    Hang Onto Your Ego

    I know so many people who think they can do it alone
    They isolate their heads and stay in their safety zone
    But what can you tell them
    What can you say that wont make them defensive
    Hang on to your ego read more »

    Frank Black
  • 26.
    If There Was A Time (edit)

    I try to talk to the clouds
    But they spill out the rain
    Now I'm truly convinced
    They've got nothing to say read more »

    Harem Scarem
  • 27.

    rise from my unconscious let it rise
    get it out get it out get it out
    behind the illusion of reality
    are forces that speak to me
    we will draw them out read more »

    Killing Joke
  • 28.
    She Gathers Rain

    Today she dresses
    For the change she’s facing now
    And the storm that’s raging
    A safe haven she has found
    She doesn’t care
    What the prohpets say anymore
    For the love she had
    She has no more
    So she gathers rain
    She gathers rain
    To rinse away all her guilt and pain
    She gathers rain
    She gathers rain
    To wash and cleanse and make her whole again read more »

    Collective Soul
  • 29.
    Just Dreaming

    I hear your voice from beyond
    It cuts deep through my skin
    My life without aim - My life without sense
    My life without aim - My life without sense
    The thoughts - The memories flow away with time read more »

  • 30.
    White on Blonde

    A perfect face comes callin’
    A perfect hand reaches out
    Her perfect face in the morning
    December guilt feels the same
    She needs to find the pace
    Cause she never looked so good when she was down read more »

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