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Songs About / On: HURT

In this page, songs on / about “hurt” are listed.
  • 21.
    Hurt Me

    a brush with death should make me beautiful
    who gave the crow that telling voice?
    felt good enough to go and do some damage
    releasing that important crowing noise
    It's gonna hurt me read more »

  • 22.

    I'm hurt
    to think that you lied to me
    I'm hurt
    Way down deep inside of me read more »

    Simon Carly
  • 23.
    Emergency Surgery

    Someone call a doctor
    I think I’m gonna die
    I can feel it gettin’ heavy
    My mind is gettin’ ? wet?
    Someone better help me get back
    Into the 21st century read more »

  • 24.
    Father's Wrong

    Come here little girl, Daddy wants to hold you
    Come here little girl, Daddy feels warm
    I just want to show you that I'm nice
    I just want to show you that I'm kind
    I want you to know that I'm yours read more »

    The Men They Couldt Hang
  • 25.
    So Hurt

    It's hard I know to understand
    Nothing lasts for ever
    The things you used to say and do
    The places you would go to meet read more »

    Human League
  • 26.
    Half as Much

    I’ve been up and and down the highway
    And I’ve seen what a man can do
    To some little girl along the byway
    That’s why I sing this song to you read more »

    Van Morrison
  • 27.
    Hurts To Love You

    every love song
    on every TV
    and Hollywood told me
    it should be beautiful and sweet
    like watching soul train read more »

    Philosopher Kings
  • 28.
    It Hurts Me Too

    (written by elmore james)

    You said you were hurting
    You almost lost your mind
    Cause the girl you love she hurts you all the time
    When things go wrong. go wrong with you
    It hurts me too read more »

    Susan Tedeshi
  • 29.
    It Hurts To Be In Love

    (peak Billboard position # 7 in 1964)
    Words and music by Howie Greenfield and Helen Miller
    It hurts to be in love when the only you love
    Turns out to be someone who's NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU
    It hurts to love her so when deep down inside you know read more »

    Pitney Gene
  • 30.
    I Can't Stop Hurting You

    She looked at me with eyes that cut right through me and said
    You must be blind
    Let me tell you a little something about yourself
    You’re the hurtin’ kind
    I must admit after the pain and fight
    I’ve a sneaking suspicion that you might be right read more »

    Rick Springfield
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