Songs About / On: IDENTITY

In this page, songs on / about “identity” are listed.
  • 21.

    Reality is what you want to see
    It shouldn’t make a difference to me
    I put my trust in what you had to say
    It didn’t make a difference anyway read more »

    Face to Face
  • 22.

    underneath the mask you've buried yourself into
    it's coal-black
    i am tired of the gulping that you do
    every day a new face
    what if i unscrew read more »

  • 23.
    Silent Stranger

    Cold winds blow across the desert
    Which shall be crossed before morning
    Moving swiftly across water and sand
    Reaching the point of the return read more »

    Grip Inc.
  • 24.

    An ugly race - no identity
    A quest for change - your history
    Empty eyes - vacant mind
    I'll close the door - leave you behind read more »

  • 25.

    Underneath the mask you've buried yourself into
    It's coal-black
    I am tired of the gulping that you do
    Every day a new face
    What if I unscrew
    Your own identity
    Wouldn's you guess there's nothing left of you? read more »

    The Gathering
  • 26.

    Title: Husker Du
    Searching for the truth but all I ever find is lies
    Trying to find identity but I just find a disguise
    Looking at the nightmare when I try to see the dream
    Finding a reality as perfect as it seems
    Somewhere the dirt is washed down with the rain
    Somewhere there's happiness instead of pain
    Somewhere satisfaction has no name
    Somewhere I can be the same read more »

    Husker Du
  • 27.
    Crisis Of Disorder

    Searching - for reality to hold on to
    Probia - detonation without cause
    Terror - out of traumatic reaction
    Raging - symptom of a shattered past
    Restless soul on fire read more »

  • 28.
    Bred In The Bone

    Didn't you want to place
    Didn't you want to show
    No you've got a disease
    And it's laid you low
    (Laid you low) read more »

    13 Engines
  • 29.
    Multiple Beings

    Hidden deep inside
    is one's personality
    Intentions unaware
    await to be set free

    Memories of how one used to be
    repressed by life's reality
    Face what's left behind
    A life of a different kind read more »

  • 30.
    Mind Seduction

    Considering the river
    And the concrete boots
    What you saw
    You didn't really see
    Under pressure I suggest read more »

    Disharmonic Orchestra
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