Songs About / On: IMAGINATION

In this page, songs on / about “imagination” are listed.
  • 11.

    Suffocate your love
    In a barrel full of doubt
    Suffocate your love
    North east and south

    Here I stand
    In front of your imagination
    Here I stand read more »

  • 12.
    Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)

    Each day through my window
    I watch him as he passes by.
    I say to myself, "What an incredible guy."
    To have a love like that
    must surely be a dream come true.
    Out of all the women in the world,
    he belongs to only you.

    But it was just my imagination
    runnin' away with me.
    It was just my imagination
    runnin' away with me.

    Soon we'll be married
    and raise a family.
    A cozy little home out in the country
    with two kids or three.

    I tell you, I can visualize it all.
    This couldn't be a dream
    How real it all seems.

    Ohh, but it was just my imagination, once again
    runnin' away with me.
    Tell you it was just my imagination
    runnin' away with me.

    Every night on my knees I pray:
    Dear Lord, hear my plea.
    Don't ever let another take his love from me
    or I will surely, surely die.

    His love is heavenly.
    When his arms enfold me
    I hear a tender rhapsody.
    But in reality
    he doesn't even know me.

    Once again
    runnin' away with me.
    Ohh, just my imagination
    runnin' away with me.

    It was just my imagination
    runnin' away with me.
    It was just my imagination
    running away with me.

    Just my imagination
    runnin' away with me . . . read more »

    Bette Midler
  • 13.
    Go for The Throat

    Words and music by rick nielsen

    Don’t call me baby
    Don’t call me your inspiration
    Don’t call me jealous
    I don’t need you
    Don’t try to use me
    You can use your own imagination
    Just a little bit of information before I leave you read more »

    Cheap Trick
  • 14.

    I sit alone
    Wishing that you were here
    I pick up the phone and no one’s even there
    But I hear your voice
    And it sounds so clear
    And I’m telling you just how I feel
    Wishing that you’d come and make it so real
    (are you just a vision in my mind? )
    Have you really right here tonight?
    (are you gonna make everything right? )
    Why you standing here in my door
    Are you the one that I wished for, yeah read more »

    Jessica Simpson
  • 15.

    Feat. jd

    See, y’all wanna dance? (yeah yeah)
    Cuz i’mma make you dance (uh huh)
    All I want is for you to use your imagination (come on) read more »

  • 16.
    A Million Miles Away (imagination)

    Wake-up, Switch-on,
    Tune-in to another day,
    Stereo sound with double vision,
    Daylight makes its first incision,
    Warmed-up Clocked-in, read more »

  • 17.
    Just My Imagination (running Away With Me)

    I look out my window watch her as she passes by
    I say to myself I'm such a lucky guy
    To have a girl like her is a dream come true
    And of all the girls in New York she loves me true read more »

    Rolling Stones
  • 18.
    A Kiss to Build a Dream On

    Give me a kiss to build a dream on
    And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss
    Sweetheart, I ask no more than this
    A kiss to build a dream on read more »

    Louis Armstrong
  • 19.

    I look at photographs of you
    Sweat and shame till the sun comes through
    I think of things I ought not to read more »

    Gino Vanelli
  • 20.
    Eyes of The Girl

    (wang chung)

    On her televison, on her mamma’s radio
    She could paint a picture
    More alive than all she ought to know
    Her imagination running wild, she let it grow
    In her imagination
    Oh she felt she loved him so read more »

    Wang Chung
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