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  • 21.

    What’s life revealing?
    But base reality
    Take it how you want to
    Nothing comes for free
    We go all round believing
    In perfect harmony
    Who tells us that’s the right way?
    Just open up and see read more »

    Sarah Brightman
  • 22.
    Little Island

    Written by randy newman
    Available on randy newman’s album faust

    In two long wars, my country bled
    To save the world for everyone
    As through the years, the fight we’ve led
    Too long, we stood alone, too long alone
    And when at last, the battle won
    We asked for no reward
    An empire gone
    Two generations turned to blood and dust
    Only the best were lost
    Only the best read more »

    Elton John
  • 23.
    In Heaven's Island

    In heaven's island,
    Under the gold flowers of the sun
    Into a drop of water,
    I feel my earthly lover... read more »

    On Thorns I Lay
  • 24.

    What is life revealing?
    But face reality
    Take it how you want to
    Nothing comes for free
    We go on and on beleiving read more »

    Brightman Sarah
  • 25.

    There are parts of me he’ll never know,
    My wild horses and my river beds,
    And in my throat voices he’ll never hear.
    He pulls at me like a cherry tree,
    And I can still move, but I don’t speak about it.
    Pretend I’m crazy, pretend I’m dead.
    He’s to scared to hit me now, he’ll bring flowers istead. read more »

    Heather Nova
  • 26.
    Island in The Sun

    Captain o captain
    Only five miles ahead
    There lies an island
    Only five miles ahead
    White hills and beaches
    Something green in the blue
    Captain o captain
    So it all has come true
    There’s an island in the sun
    Come together everyone
    Ahead lies an island read more »

    Dan Mccafferty
  • 27.
    Make Me An Island

    Different eyes, different size, different girls every day.
    Different names, different games took my breath clean away.
    But I'm changed, rearranged, I'm enlightened and how
    you have caught me, you have taught me and I'm different now. read more »

  • 28.
    Foreign Affair

    Foreign affair
    Take a trip in the air
    To a tropical beach
    An island to reach
    A new territory read more »

    Oldfield Mike
  • 29.
    Rock Island

    Savage night on a misty island. Lights wink out in the
    canyon walls.
    Two old boys in a stolen racer. Black rubber contrails in
    the unwashed halls.
    And all roads out of here, seem to lead right back to the
    Rock Island.

    I've gone back to Paris, London, and even riding on a
    jumbo to Bombay.
    The long haul back holds faint attraction, but the people
    here know they're o.k.
    See the girl following the red balloon: walking all alone
    on her Rock Island.

    Doesn't everyone have their own Rock Island? Their own little
    patch of sand?
    Where the slow waves crawl and your angels fall and you find
    you can hardly stand.
    And just as you're drowning, well, the tide goes down.
    And you're back on your Rock Island.

    Hey there girlie with the torn dress, shaking: who was it
    touched you? Who was it ruined your day?
    Whose footprint calling card? And what they want, stepping
    on your beach anyway?
    I'll be your life raft out of here, but you'd only drift right
    back to your Rock Island.

    Hey, boy with the personal stereo: nothing `tween the ears
    but that hard rock sound.
    Playing to your empty room, empty guitar tune, No use waiting
    for that C.B.S. to come around.
    `Cos all roads out of here, seem to lead right back to your
    Rock Island. read more »

    Jethro Tull
  • 30.
    Take Back The Rock

    They think that they own this island
    with their neon helmets their neon spandex
    They clog the roads and don't know how to behave
    with their neon helmets their neon spandex
    They don't understand this is your and my land read more »

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