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Songs About / On: ISLAND

In this page, songs on / about “island” are listed.
  • 51.
    Everything Goes

    You live your life
    You live like an island
    You live for the moment
    Here you come
    You make it look easy
    I bet you smile in your sleep
    Are you smiling at me
    You live your life
    You live like an island
    Surrounded by
    Water and silence
    Mmm there you go
    You make it look easy
    I bet you laugh at yourself
    Are you laughing at me read more »

    Natalie Imbruglia
  • 52.
    The Finest Drops

    The island monkeys love the dark
    No one is home, they're thin skinned sharks
    Hue exchanging gives sea-leg walks
    No one is home, the chemicals talk
    Load up the spoiled goods read more »

  • 53.
    Get Miles

    I love this island but this island’s killing me
    Sitting here in silence, man I don’t get no peace
    The waves upon my shore take me away piece by piece
    Gonna leave everything I know gonna head out towards the sea
    Jump off this island gonna head out towards the sea read more »

  • 54.
    Island in The Sun

    Hip hip
    Hip hip
    Hip hip
    Hip hip

    When you’re on a holiday
    You can’t find the words to say
    All the things that come to you
    And I wanna feel it too read more »

  • 55.
    East Timor

    Sandalwood trees are evergreen
    Cut them down
    Plant coffee beans
    Build no schools
    Construct no roads read more »

    Harket Morten
  • 56.
    This Island Earth

    I have this feeling
    It's so revealing
    Silence surrounds you
    You stand all alone
    And in the darkness read more »

    Glass Tiger
  • 57.
    Coney Island

    Coming down from downpatrick
    Stopping off at st. john’s point
    Out all day birdwatching
    And the craic was good
    Stopped off at strangford lough
    Early in the morning
    Drove through shrigley taking pictures
    And on to killyleagh
    Stopped off for sunday papers at the
    Lecale district, just before coney island read more »

    Van Morrison
  • 58.
    Gotta Go Home

    Headin’ for the islands
    We’re ready man and packed to go
    When we hit those islands
    There’s gonna be a big hello
    Diggin’ all the sunshine
    It’s easy not to say goodbye
    Bye bye bye read more »

    Boney M.
  • 59.
    Mountain Girl

    (Roch Voisine/Stephane Lessard)
    Mountain girl
    From your island in the sky
    Send your love upon the world
    And there'll be no need to cry read more »

    Voisine Roch
  • 60.
    Headin' for South America

    Let’s make sail the wind is right
    Weigh the anchor fast
    Say farewell to kids and wife
    We’re taking off at last
    We’re heading for south america
    Seeking for an island
    Where no one else has been before
    Where no one else has stepped ashore read more »

    Dan Mccafferty
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