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In this page, songs on / about “jewel” are listed.
  • 21.

    I don't believe what I'm hearin'
    You can't impress me by what you show me
    Don't think I am goin' through changes
    Or you might see me change for the last time
    Having a bad day read more »

    Williams Vanessa
  • 22.

    Down from the doorway
    And into the street
    I hear the morning bell
    Over and over the pattern repeat
    I hear the morning bell
    And all the faces cold as stone
    In the january chill
    You have led me into worlds unknown
    And I’m walking there still read more »

    David Gray
  • 23.

    (Would you like some of this?)
    Drop the morning overdose, the day has just begun
    draw back te veil, bare your stonenity, your bleeding gums
    you look in the looking glass before you look outside read more »

  • 24.
    I'm Gonna Love Her for Both of Us

    I can’t stand to see it no more
    The way you’re living with a goddess but you treat her like a slave
    And you can’t hold her back anymore
    She’s like a dreamer in a dungeon or an angel in a cave
    Chorus: read more »

    Meat Loaf
  • 25.
    Unchaining The Wolf (at War )

    The message is spread around
    A new breed of warriors emerged
    The fires of war shall burn
    The howling of Fenriz will be heard
    With blades forged in hatred read more »

  • 26.

    Wake up
    Don't fear
    I want to
    Love you
    Yeah (doll of pain) read more »

    My Bloody Valentine
  • 27.

    (David Bowie/Reeves Gabrels)
    Hey, hey it's the tall sail on a beach, reach for Java
    Make way for to Java watching for Boogies
    Hey, hey, it's a dreaming, I would burn you if you should die
    Hey, hey, I should burn too if you should lie upon that bamboo pyre read more »

    Tin Machine
  • 28.

    Been thinking how to escape?
    This strait-jacket of constraint
    Been thinking what can be wrong?
    With feelings that long to belong
    Stargazing me read more »

    Siouxsie And The Banshees
  • 29.
    Arabian Knights

    The jewel, the price
    Looking into your eyes
    Cool pools drawn your mind
    What else you find
    I hear a rumour - it was just a rumour read more »

    Siouxsie And The Banshees
  • 30.
    Hard Promises to Keep

    K rhodes

    I’m tryin’ to believe in forever
    And I’m tryin’ to believe in
    The little jewel box life we lead
    Babe I get so close sometimes
    All I really know is I believe
    That we’ve been makin’ hard promises to keep read more »

    John Farnham
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