Songs About / On: JEWEL

In this page, songs on / about “jewel” are listed.
  • 31.
    Garden City Of Lights

    Hey Joe howdy rianbow
    Claustrophobic hour
    Sittin by the jewel in the
    Crown noisy motor sounds
    Go go the cops are comin read more »

  • 32.
    Say Goodnight

    Say goodnight not good-bye
    You will never leave my heart behind
    Like the path of a star
    I'll be anywhere you are
    In the spark that lies beneath the coals read more »

    Chapman Beth Nielsen
  • 33.
    The Dead Man's Dream

    Once I had a name, forgotten now
    I breathe the air in a century of wonder
    I can hear it now, in darkness, ivory birds
    Gorgeous machines, the sound they made like thunder
    The gardens drink, honey jewels and rapids read more »

  • 34.
    Broken Morning

    Echos from a sweating sky
    My fingers dancing cos I'm a liar
    Beyond the mountains I gaze a jewel
    Behind my eyes its june
    Broken morning tears drop cold read more »

    Spiritual Beggars
  • 35.
    Unchaining The Wolf (at War...)

    The message is spread around
    A new breed of warriors emerged
    The fires of war shall burn
    The howling of Fenriz will be heard read more »

  • 36.
    Good Grief

    Since I’m putting down all of the true things around, but I like it
    I handed down the crown, given the jewels and the answers of may
    The thought of being ousted comes and goes
    When I think about it the wind blows
    I hate it read more »

    Foo Fighters
  • 37.
    Succubus Priestess

    She dances with the moonlight
    In a ring with the silent forest
    and the stars' jewels
    embroidered in her ethereal garment
    From silver lips chameleon thoughts read more »

    Septic Flesh
  • 38.
    Golden Coins

    (words & music by giant - baum - kaye)
    Say you’re mine, then ask me what you will
    All your dreams, my darling I’ll fulfill read more »

    Elvis Presley
  • 39.
    You Are My All In All

    You are my strength
    when I am weak
    You are the treasure that I seek
    You are my all in all
    Seeking you like a precious jewel read more »

  • 40.
    Girl Of 100 Lists

    (Jane Wiedlin)
    Ghetto blasters, phony jewels
    Cathedrals, castles, making up rules
    Trashy novels and leather gloves
    This is a list of the things I love read more »

    Go Gos
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