Songs About / On: LAUGHTER

In this page, songs on / about “laughter” are listed.
  • 41.
    Black Butterfly

    With your wings frayed and torn,
    Laughter's your's so is scorn
    As they point to you in shame.
    You're a BLACK BUTTERFLY read more »

    Ellington Duke
  • 42.
    Solid Gold

    Never since I met you
    Did you let me in
    Even when I let you
    You wouldn’t call me friend
    Pedal to the metal
    Mister, it’s a sin
    Getting so down
    I’d give you solid gold
    Just for your finger
    You get the medal
    For getting so down
    I guess you didn’t see that sky
    When the clouds are turned to isles
    I was glad when you couldn’t hear me
    Nervous laughter when you shouted and cursed
    I’m not saying I understand
    Lord knows who can understand
    Life can be an awful plan
    And yours it ain’t the read more »

    Frank Black
  • 43.
    Pogo The Clown

    Can I pick you up from school
    Can I take a walk with you
    Pogo the clown is the man
    With the funny red nose
    Let me touch your virgin flesh read more »

    Hubert Kah
  • 44.
    Burning Bridges

    (mark mancina)

    Miles away
    The light in the distance looks miles away
    Tired of resistance and turned away
    Going back to the holy land
    Last night your anger was born again
    Carry the torch in your heart
    And your anger on the vine
    Still buried in your pride read more »

    Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  • 45.
    Greatest Love Of All

    I believe the children are our future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
    Let the children's laughter remind us of how it use to be read more »

    Houston Whitney
  • 46.

    life in the circus ain't easy
    but the folks on the outside don't know
    the tent goes up and the tent comes down
    and all that they see is the show
    and the ladies on the horses look so pretty
    and the lions are lookin real mad
    and some of the clowns are happy
    and some of the clowns are sad

    but underneath
    there's another expression
    that the makeup isn't making
    life under the big top
    it's about freedom
    it's about faking
    there's an art to the laughter
    there's a science
    and there's a lot of love
    and compliance

    welcoem to the freakshow
    here we go...

    we live to hear the slack-jawed gasping
    we live under a halo of held breath
    and when the children raise up a giant shield
    of laughter, it's like they're fending off death
    and we can make somethig bigger
    then anyone of us alone
    and then the clowns will take off their makeup
    and the people will go home

    but life on the outside ain't easy
    no sequins, no elephants,
    no parading around
    yeah, the tent goes up
    and the tent comes down
    and they're stuck in this fucking town

    you need a lot of love and compliance

    welcome to the freakshow
    here we go read more »

    Ani Difranco
  • 47.
    Solid Gold

    Never since I met you
    Did you let me in
    Even when I let you
    You wouldn't call me friend
    Pedal to the metal read more »

    Frank Black And The Catholics
  • 48.

    As I drift away... far away from you,
    I feel all alone in a crowded room,
    Thinking to myself
    "There's no escape from this
    loneliness..." read more »

  • 49.

    The madness of a big city where in the evening near
    Walls stare crippeled trees
    Ghost of the bad
    Wearing a silver mask with magnetic scourge
    Thrust aside my death in stary night read more »

  • 50.
    A Day Without Me

    I’m starting a landslide in my ego.
    Look from the outside to the world I left behind.
    I’m dreaming, you’re awake.
    If I were sleeping,
    Once I’d say
    A day without me. read more »

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