Songs About / On: LOSS

In this page, songs on / about “loss” are listed.
  • 31.

    When you don't get whatever you want
    You go apeshit high in the sky
    When you're up there above all the rest of us
    You can watch us, watch us die
    Cuz U don't wanna friend you want another fucking clone read more »

    Spontaneous Putty
  • 32.
    Bones of Her Hands

    She takes the bones of her hands, to tangle up the soles of her feet.
    To make a loss look good on paper, ’til it’s outside of our reach.
    And they’re coming in on runway strips to pump the rival’s hatred.
    And screaming out uncomfortable and falling out of favor. read more »

    Archers of Loaf
  • 33.
    Pulling Lame

    you put the dumbest things
    in the strangest places
    behind the door, on the floor
    a cabinet full of empty faces
    let's give it a miss this time read more »

    Spirit Of The West
  • 34.
    Now More Than Ever

    If you believe
    Won´t you please raise your hands
    Let´s hear your voices
    Let us know where you stand
    Don´t shout from the shadows
    Cause it won´t mean a dammn
    Now more than ever read more »

    John Mellencamp
  • 35.
    The Dying Illusion

    From the bottom of the pit of nightmares she will come
    from the dungeons of insanity to haunt the wicked mind
    A crooked finger points, a spell is cast, words can kill
    a weaver of the web of tears, a daughter of the dark
    Oh, the moon is so cold read more »

  • 36.

    An empty room
    A blinding stare
    A loss for words
    Two separate hearts now torn
    Now shattered dreams read more »

    Lost In Reality
  • 37.
    Unto A Long Glory

    ( Malbeth's the Seer's Words
    Burial Song of Theoden
    At Theoden's Death )

    Over the land there lies
    the long shadow. Westward reaching
    wings of darkness; The Tower trembles
    to the tombs of kings read more »

  • 38.
    My Frustration

    Where was I when God had shown
    How to make a happy home
    Lie in bed and sleep dont come
    Have some peace then give me some
    And I know the reason why you hold me down
    I wont let this fear of loss make me drown
    In my bed I lie alone
    Scraped together bone to bone
    And I cant seem to seem to find my way
    I cant seem to find the break of day
    I'll stay just a step away read more »

    Coal Chamber
  • 39.
    Frozen Lunar Autumn

    Loss of a breath-the wicked candle lit failes
    Forgetful the buried autumn tears
    Untearable those obscene tales
    To whom I cry-the embraced hearts
    enchanted tears, bewitched weeps
    I kissed those bleeding flames read more »

  • 40.
    Terminal Breath

    In our final hour of darkness
    Mankind breathes its terminal breath
    Memories - all that remains
    Human life as we know it... shall die read more »

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