Songs About / On: RAIN

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  • 31.
    Acid Rain

    Falls down slowly
    Seeps into the ground
    Easy as flowing water
    Won’t stop until your brain is found read more »

  • 32.
    That Would Be Something

    *Well, that would be something
    It really would be something
    That would be something
    To meet you in the falling rain Mama
    Meet you in the falling rain read more »

    Mccartney Paul
  • 33.

    Take off your topcoat
    Put on your raincoat
    Give up your birthright
    And don't you cry
    'Cause in 23 verses now
    A storm is a-comin'
    And you'll be too surprised
    To wonder why.
    And it will
    Rain rain
    Go away, go away
    Rain rain
    Come back again another day.
    Step out your cool suit
    Snap on your wet boots
    And now eat all your mushrooms
    Until you see
    That in 22 verses now
    A storm in a-brewin'
    And you'll be too annoyed
    For victory.
    'Cause it will
    Rain rain
    Go away go away
    Rain rain read more »

    Darby Terence Trent
  • 34.
    All I Needed Was The Rain

    (words & music by ben weisman - sid wayne )
    Hello misfortune, how’s my old friend mr. misery?
    I’ve been away so long I bet you think you saw the last of me
    Got no bed, to rest my head
    No doors or walls or window pane
    Now all I needed was the rain
    Rain, rain, rain, rain read more »

    Elvis Presley
  • 35.
    Rain Song

    When it rains I don’t mind
    Let me stand here all night
    Did she take her whole life
    Let me know she’s alright read more »

  • 36.
    Salt In My Wounds

    Music: S.Lill
    Lyrics: A.Kuntz
    The ceiling that we stare
    a frame for all the shadows on the lonely night
    attires the incantation read more »

    Vanden Plas
  • 37.
    She's My Kind of Rain

    She’s my kind of rain
    Like love in a drunken sky
    She’s confetti falling
    Down all night

    She sits quietly there
    Black water in a jar
    Says, baby why are you
    Trembling like you are read more »

    Tim Mcgraw
  • 38.
    Can You Stand in The Rain

    On a perfect day
    I know that I can count on you
    When that’s not possible
    Tell me can you weather the storm
    ’cause I need somebody who will stand by me
    Through the good times and bad times
    She will always, always be right there read more »

    Boyz ii Men
  • 39.
    Like The Rain

    I never liked the rain until I walked through it with you
    Every thunder cloud that came my way was one more
    I might not get through
    On the darkest day there's always light and now I see it too read more »

    Black Clint
  • 40.
    Rain Your Love Down

    Such a lovely world was made for you and me /
    Wondrous life for us to taste, touch, smell, hear,
    and see / But one glance from outside looking
    at our world state / Clearly displays we don't
    appreciate it at all read more »

    Stevie Wonder
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