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In this page, songs on / about “remember” are listed.
  • 51.
    Boys In The Attic

    By Ellie Greenwich, Jeff Kent and Rob Parissi
    I remember yesterday
    It doesn't seem so far away
    The crazy things we used to do. I can still remember
    All the boys on Friday night read more »

    Foley Ellen
  • 52.
    Made Of Gold

    I'm going down to the river, I'm gonna look for you
    I know you'll be waiting there, 'cause it's a woman's trick
    I'm gonna give you what you want, 'cause you've been asking
    And I don't even want to know your name
    But you'll remember mine read more »

    Brooke Jonatha
  • 53.
    Remember (walking In The Sand)

    Seems like the other day,
    My baby went away,
    She went away,
    Across some sea.

    It's been two years or so,
    Since I saw my baby go,
    And then this letter,
    Came to me. read more »

  • 54.
    I Remember Yesterday

    I remember that first night we met
    Dancing to the sounds of clarinets
    Dancing cheek to cheek
    oh how sweet
    You and me
    and the thirties beat
    I remember our first night. read more »

    Donna Summer
  • 55.
    Die Laughing

    Gimme something to breathegive me a reason to liveclose your eyes and seewhat you have inside
    I think I've gone insaneI can't remember my own nameI think I've gone insane
    now your dream is gone
    and your friends just tell you liesthen you realize
    you gonna die anyway read more »

  • 56.

    Try to Remember
    Try to Forget
    Try to Remember
    Look back try to remember
    That name sounds so familiar read more »

    Coal Chamber
  • 57.

    Ho sempre quella foto d'epoca
    dei quattro suonatori con il sombrero;
    il mulo che trasuda America,
    la sacca con la mia fortuna ed un cero.
    Ricordi Federica i tuoi sandali read more »

    Kuntz Marlene
  • 58.
    I Remember You

    I remember you
    You’re the one who made my dreams come true
    A few kisses ago

    I remember you
    You’re the one who said I love you too
    Didn’t you know read more »

    George Michael
  • 59.
    I Remember Love

    (graham russell, michael sherwood)

    I’ve been staring at the floor
    And I’ve been holding back the tears
    And I’d been talking to the walls
    If the walls had ears
    And now it seems that every time
    I look into your eyes
    There is only so far I can see read more »

    Air Supply
  • 60.
    Air Of December

    Thursday afternoon you cast a shadow 'round my room
    the breeze moved the curtains & lifted my perfume
    into the air -- & danced with lazy curls in your hair
    the sun was in the sky like pink champagne
    & it glistened in your eyes all day read more »

    Brickell Edie And New Bohemians
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