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  • 21.
    Shine On

    Music: Schlächter / Lyrics: Hansen
    We drive, we drive, we«re riding on through the universe
    We«ve come to reach our destination planet earth
    We come, we run, you cannot see us, flying in our
    spaceships, shooting «cross the sky read more »

    Gamma Ray
  • 22.
    Drunken Sailor

    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    What do you do with a drunken sailor earl-eye in the mornin'?
    Way-hey, and up she rises,
    Way-hey, and up she rises,
    Way-hey, and up she rises, earl-eye in the mornin'! read more »

    Captain Tractor
  • 23.
    Scorpio Rising

    Icon ah radyah do mahshey koba
    Badhya nara doh oyoh
    Kha ina rado kha ika babshoy
    Meenya karah ina read more »

    Army of Lovers
  • 24.

    (claude s.)

    I can watch the time go by
    Like a broken tape machine
    Playing over all the parts
    Of a forgotten scene read more »

    Anything Box
  • 25.
    Blue Moon Rising

    (whispered: some people like that
    Some people like that
    Some people like that)

    Come on all my people, come one and all, one and all
    If you want all your people right there right then
    Your better lady’s dead and they’re appalled
    And they’re appalled
    Come into my palace, come and see my hollow walls
    The servants crawl
    It’s gonna be a blue moon rising, rising one and all
    Some people like that read more »

  • 26.

    featuring Fat Joe
    I want the party jumping to my scene
    I gotta make it move you
    If you know what I mean
    Let's get it started, gotta stack the cream read more »

  • 27.
    Die Rose Vom Woerthersee

    Du bist die Rose
    die Rose vom Wörthersee
    Du bist die Schönste
    die Schönste vom Strandcafe read more »

  • 28.
    Love Is A Rose To Me

    Love is a rose to me, growin' desperate and I'm desperately
    Reliving memories, for love is a rose
    And when you look at me, there's no one that I would rather see
    You make me feel complete, for love is a rose
    (Solo) read more »

    Waite John
  • 29.
    Heaven Rise

    A tumbling nightmare
    I lay drowning in your arms
    Unseeing visions... your release
    I dream of you once more
    And in this waking hour read more »

  • 30.
    Fallen Angel

    From the dust I rose on high
    Thunder cloud in a two-lane sky
    From the world I did rebel
    A fallen angel read more »

    Blue Oyster Cult
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