Songs About / On: SOLDIER

In this page, songs on / about “soldier” are listed.
  • 1.
    Soldiers Of Hell

    Black shadows 'n' black horses
    Dark warriors out of hell
    Mighty and evil
    Reflexion of an ancient tale
    A gang appears beside you read more »

    Running Wild
  • 2.
    Soldier Soldier

    Soldier, soldier, don't look down
    I'm here for you in every town
    Soldier, soldier, don't look down
    I'm here for you in every town read more »

    Captain Jack
  • 3.
    Dog Soldier

    Dog soldier
    Big and strong
    Dog soldier
    Heavily armed
    Dog soldier read more »

  • 4.
    Soldier of Fortune

    A soldier of fortune came home from war
    And wondered what he was fighting for
    This sad-eyed soldier, he broke down and cried
    Oh he was so broke up inside read more »

    Thin Lizzy
  • 5.
    Soldier Soldier

    Soldier soldier by Spear of Destiny
    Fighting in the rubble of Berlin
    Soldier falls in love with the Fr{ulein
    Trading whisky, food and nylons
    Do it again there`s more where that come from read more »

    Spear Of Destiny
  • 6.
    Tin Soldier

    He joined up to get a job and show he wasn't scared
    Swapped boy scout hat for army cap, he thought he'd be prepared
    At the age of 17 he was forced to choose
    At the age of 21 he's in Catch 22 read more »

    Stiff Little Fingers
  • 7.
    Buffalo Soldier

    Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta:
    There was a buffalo soldier in the heart of america,
    Stolen from africa, brought to america,
    Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival. read more »

    Bob Marley
  • 8.
    Buffalo Soldier

    Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock Rasta
    There was a Buffalo Soldier
    In the heart of America
    Stolen from Africa, brought to America
    Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival read more »

    Marley Bob
  • 9.

    You that I despise
    Repentance of sorts
    Death comes naturally
    Not from a hated war
    Repentance of faith
    Repentance of hope
    Repentance of hate read more »

    Fear Factory
  • 10.
    Soldiers Under Command

    Verse 1
    We are the soldiers under God's command
    We hold His two-edged sword within our hands
    We're not ashamed to stand up for what's right
    We win without sin, it's not by our might read more »

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