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In this page, songs on / about “star” are listed.
  • 61.
    Stars In Your Eyes

    You're just the latest thing
    And I really want you
    And I'm out on a limb
    Cause the stars have got you
    You've got stars in your eyes read more »

    Shed Seven
  • 62.
    Don't Let The Stars Get in Your Eyes

    *don’t let the stars get in your eyes
    Don’t let the moon break your heart
    Love blooms at night
    In daylight it dies
    Don’t let the stars get in your eyes
    Oh keep your heart for me
    For someday I’ll return
    And you know (see) you’re the only one
    I’ll ever love read more »

    K. D. Lang
  • 63.
    Jacobs Star

    Jacob's Star (by Michael Card)

    A fire, a light, a shining star
    A sign to those who'd journey far read more »

    Card Michael
  • 64.
    Another Earth

    At the back of your mind
    Where you hide your real self
    Lay down your head
    You see her once more
    She wants the moon and stars read more »

  • 65.
    Lady Of The Stars

    She walks through the stars
    Past Saturn and Mars
    Who knows how she feels
    With the moon on her heel
    She glides through the night read more »

  • 66.
    My Refuge In Darkness

    A new world has opened
    a world among the stars
    I have now found my star
    and it will be my new home
    until the end of my stargate vision read more »

  • 67.
    O What A Thrill

    (Jesse Winchester)
    oh girl any moment
    I may kiss your lips
    oh it's been awhile
    since I felt like this read more »

  • 68.
    Still Cold

    You really had a million hearts to break
    Now it's time that I never left you in the moonlight
    How comes always someone else driving your car
    Taking you different places in the sunlight
    Still cold like the stars read more »

    Mazzy Star
  • 69.
    Queen Of The New Year

    You`re so young
    And you know so much
    Heaven help us all
    From the tales you tell
    You`re so old read more »

    Deacon Blue
  • 70.
    Shooting Star

    Johnny was a schoolboy when he heard his first Beatles song
    "Love me do" I think it was and from there it wouldn't take long
    got himself a guitar, he used to play it every night
    now he's in a rock and roll outfit everything is alright read more »

    Golden Smog
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