Songs About / On: SUN

In this page, songs on / about “sun” are listed.
  • 61.

    Came from the east
    Relative forgot
    To scrape away
    Land in south
    Exhausted engine read more »

  • 62.
    Paper Sun

    Well you think you had a good time
    With the boy that you just met
    Kicking sand from beach to beach
    Your clothes all soaking wet
    But if you look around and see
    A shadow on the run
    Don't be too surprised if its just a paper sun read more »

  • 63.
    Black Star

    (Music: Regadas)
    (Lyrics: Walker)
    Black star, jewel of the night
    Black star, burning bright
    Magnificent sun, a beacon burning read more »

  • 64.
    Oh Great Spirit

    (based on a native american-inspired chant written by Adele Getty)

    I am the great spirit
    earth, sun, sky and sea
    you are inside and all around me read more »

    Betray My Secrets
  • 65.
    Drowning Sun

    Land in flight, quicker creatures in the grind
    With hold their heads, stumbeling around
    Sky in black, figures we're all mutilated
    With cold eyes, broken eyes, it's just not worth to survive read more »

  • 66.
    Do The Vega

    (words & music by giant - baum - kaye)
    Do the vega take a chance and do the vega
    If you dance it you’ll have fun
    The fever gets ya and then I’ll bet ya
    You’ll shake like the sun of a gun read more »

    Elvis Presley
  • 67.
    Chase The Sun

    Can you imagine what's been goin' on
    Put your hand in the fire
    And you feel the storm
    One small cross-stood at the edge of the road
    My shoulders are weary to carry the load read more »

    Hart Corey
  • 68.

    Grey winter skies
    cannot dim your light
    autumn winds
    cannot hold you now
    I hear you whisper read more »

    Reilly Maggie
  • 69.
    When That Evening Sun Goes Down

    I want you, be around
    When that evening sun goes down
    I want you, be around
    Keep my both feet on the ground
    When that evening sun goes down read more »

    Van Morrison
  • 70.

    Who's the liar
    Who claims to know the truth
    It's your desire
    To see the tings so smooth
    Who's the liar read more »

    Farmer Boys
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