Songs About / On: SYMPATHY

In this page, songs on / about “sympathy” are listed.
  • 41.
    Monty Got a Raw Deal

    read more »

    R. E. M.
  • 42.
    Through These Eyes

    Love's passed by and left me here
    You're so far away, and time's brought on a change
    Through these eyes that never see
    Photograhps of you and me
    A perfect picture- read more »

    Spread Eagle
  • 43.
    Don't Mess With Dr. Dream

    Don't mess with Dr. Dream - don't mess with Dr. Dream -

    Come lay your head down on the stone read more »

    Thompson Twins
  • 44.
    Fractured Love

    I'm caught in a dream
    Sometimes it ain't what it seems
    I'm all in a daze
    Can't find my way out of this maze read more »

    Def Leppard
  • 45.
    Ne Me Plaignez Pas

    (Eddy Marnay / S. Thompson)
    Don't pity me.
    Je sais qu'il me traite
    Comme il traite les autres
    On dirait presque read more »

    Dion Celine
  • 46.
    Conversation On A Bar Stool

    I'm tired, so tired I can hardly stand,
    I can't breathe in the air in this city tonight.
    It's taken everything I had to give
    And now I just want to get out of here.
    But I won't be sorry if you won't be read more »

    Faithfull Marianne
  • 47.
    Don't Pity Me

    Je sais qu’il me traite
    Comme il traite les autres
    On dirait presque
    Qu’il ne m’aime pas
    Quand vous me dites
    Tu devrais t’en aller
    Mêm’si c’est vrai
    Ça ne m’aide pas
    Je comprends vos raisons
    Vous voyez sûr’ment mieux que moi
    Oui mais read more »

    Celine Dion
  • 48.
    Walkin' Catastrophe

    Hey she's a walking catastrophe
    She keeps on whining and now
    It's all rubbing off on me
    Hey she's looking for sympathy
    So keep on crying read more »

    Pinhead Gunpowder
  • 49.
    My Selfish Gene

    You, me, and destiny
    Guess that it was never meant to be
    All you did was give me allergy
    I'm not looking for your sympathy read more »

  • 50.
    Swiss Crumb

    Poisoned hearts beat anguished paths along the filthy streets
    Not much left to give but hatred even grace stirs quietly
    All the others so pacific world must have its misery
    Suffer mother there's no love for contracts based on sympathy
    Sein be kind read more »

    King Cobb Steelie
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