Songs About / On: TRUST

In this page, songs on / about “trust” are listed.
  • 21.
    Police Shit

    Police lie on oath
    It happens all the time
    15 years for the Guildford Four
    Innocent people send them off to jail
    You could be next read more »

  • 22.

    When a man just can’t be trusted
    And again he’s gone and lost it

    Your call has been registered
    It’ll be returned when I get back home
    I’ve been out loving all night long
    I can’t help it, that love it makes me strong read more »

    Simply Red
  • 23.
    Don't Trust That Woman

    Written by cher and lady choc ice (elton john)
    Available on the album leather jackets

    She’s a real ball-buster, don’t trust her
    She’s in a most peculiar phase
    You can rear end her oh it’ll send her
    She wants you, she’ll have you her own way read more »

    Elton John
  • 24.
    No Money Down

    I know you're disappointed
    in the way I handled things
    You're thinking I misread the times
    and acted cowardly
    And since what I do affects us both read more »

    Reed Lou
  • 25.

    He got flat baby
    Kick in the back baby
    A heart attack baby
    I need your body
    A hot kiss honey read more »

    Jackson Michael
  • 26.
    A Question Of Trust

    On the air
    Words of wisdom spread across this land
    And nod your head in faithful trust in me
    So senseless - there's no doubt about it
    So senseless - when you hear the latest news read more »

    Mekong Delta
  • 27.
    Common Bonds

    Before we're born
    Before we walk
    Before we talk and hate
    Yet to come the perfect rule

    After we win
    After we lose
    After the dawn is late
    Do it now or shut your mouth read more »

  • 28.
    Nothing else Matters

    Nothing else matters

    So close no matter how far
    Couldn’t be much more from the heart
    Forever trusting who we are
    And nothing else matters read more »

  • 29.

    "Animal rights ????"
    "Keeping the brain going with microshocks."
    Melted faces
    Fractured cells
    Implanted memories
    Syringe of hell read more »

    Front Line Assembly
  • 30.
    See You Soon

    [ the blue room ep ]

    So you lost your trust,
    And you never shared her, you never shared her,
    But don’t break your back, read more »

[Hata Bildir]