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Songs About / On: TRUST

In this page, songs on / about “trust” are listed.
  • 61.
    The Way Of The Strong

    Faith, putting faith to your god
    Trust, wasting trust in beleif
    But still you're living in fear
    The fear of what I live for
    Asserts, you say I'm forever lost
    Fire, you say I'll suffer in fire
    So what have I done to my life?
    What am I living for? read more »

  • 62.
    The Eyes of a Child

    (graham russell and ron bloom)

    When you look to the past for life’s long hidden meaning
    For the dreams and the plans made in your youth
    Does the thrill to achieve match the warm hidden feeling
    That lies so still and lives in you read more »

    Air Supply
  • 63.
    One Last Time

    Is it so hard to believe our hearts
    Are made to be broken by love
    That in constant dying lies
    The beauty of it all
    My darling won't you feel
    The sweet heaven in
    Our endless cry read more »

  • 64.
    Ahead of The Storm

    Gotta trust my name
    No fork in my tongue
    Gotta trust my name

    Never saw it blow
    Never saw it blow
    The clouds rained money
    Never saw it blow
    The clouds rained money
    Never saw it blow read more »

  • 65.
    Brothers Unaware

    So many people
    I know only a few
    Yes I may say that I love this man
    And that man
    But what keeps me from loving you? read more »

  • 66.
    Stand 4 What U R

    Stand for what you
    Trust in what you’re fighting for
    No time on looking back
    You’re on your own
    Stand for what you are read more »

  • 67.
    Not Once Not Ever

    Hello my dear friend
    your reputation quite true
    These are thoughts I've held on
    & saved inside for you
    I remember... couldn't trust you once, not ever read more »

  • 68.
    Believe in Me

    If I could ever say it right
    And reach your hostage heart
    Despite the doubts you harbor
    Then you might
    Come to believe in me. read more »

    Dan Fogelberg
  • 69.
    Trust In Me

    Written by Sherman and Sherman.
    Hold still please.
    Trust in me,
    Just in me.
    Close your eyes, read more »

  • 70.
    10 Lack There Of

    Lack of trust, all alone
    Lookin' down at the bottom of a hole
    I've no trust, bare my soul
    Are we alone or do we have friends
    Or are we just searchin' for a means to an end read more »

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