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  • 11.

    You're the proud crowd waiting forthe guinea pigs to die somewhere tonight.
    You can't find the time to celebrate andyou have no goodbyes to give away.
    You are always telling lies,you never show me what you feel inside.
    You're boring, you're a waste of time.Please leave me and I leave you all behind. read more »

    Apoptygma Berzerk
  • 12.

    She takes it deep to the heart Right from the start She talks softly over a glass of wine Now and again she's more than a friend But don't you just throw me a line I say now it would be great If she'd dedicate Just a minute from her precious time Said I'll give it a while But that's not my style Now how is that a crime? Everyone says that I'm wild But pardon my french but I still know my child And that was the day I told her I needed some time Humdaddyooo...... I began walkin' when she was still talkin' lookin' for an exit sign Pardon my face but I'm leavin no trace 'Cause I really haven't got the time Well I began think and my Heart is just sinkin' Lookin' for a place to go Well isn't it sad that she'll Treat you so bad And you never really let her know Well everyone says that she's cryin' But I can't forget all the time I spent tryin' And that was the day I told her I needed some time Humdaddyooo...... [Chorus] And I know, I know What it feels like to be alone I say now I know, I know What it feels like to be at home I say now I like, I like Stopping to say hello I said it's my life, my life, my life Why can't we take this slow? Why can't we take this slow? Why can't we take this slow? Now I've been through the phases And I've walked through the mazes I'm sick just a little tired It sure isn't fair but I'm not aware Of the patience that's required If I coulda kissed her everytime that I missed her I wouldn't be out the door But now and again I sure need a friend Now isn't that what she's for And everyone says that I'm lyin' But I can't forget all the times she was cryin' And that was the day I told her I needed sometime Humdaddyooo.... [Chorus] read more »

  • 13.

    If you really loved me
    Like you say you do
    You wouldn't put me through
    half the things like you do.
    Sometimes you make me feel like there read more »

  • 14.
    Untitled (how Does It Feel)

    Girl it?s only you
    Have it your way
    And if you want you can decide
    And if you?ll have me
    I can provide
    Everything that you desire, hmm
    Let me get a feeling
    The feeling that I?m feeling
    Don?t you come closer to me baby, hey
    Then you already got me
    Right where you want me baby
    I, I just want to be your man read more »

  • 15.
    As Yet Untitled

    Out by a shanty where the dust hangs high
    Far from a river where things grow green
    The flowers weep and they lean away
    From the blood stained soil beneath my feet.
    The thorns outnumber the petals on the rose read more »

    Darby Terence Trent
  • 16.

    I'm just another body down
    internal bleeding round & round
    & all I can think of are ways to die alone x2
    A portrait of my skeletal gain
    Left selfish & hungry so feed me the pain read more »

  • 17.
    (track 13 Is Untitled)

    In a hospital bed on the outskirts of town
    Lay an old gray man in a soiled white gown.
    His hair was all wispy, his eyes were a blank.
    His breath came in spurts from an oxygen tank. read more »

    Spinal Tap
  • 18.

    Truth you blue-eyed vine, you know
    So sweet and few you have brought to
    And in my eyes and ears completely
    I see what I will always do
    So few and far between, it seems read more »

    That Dog
  • 19.
    & Quot;Untitled & Quot ;

    At the end
    I became them
    And I led them
    After all none of us really qualified as humans
    We were just hardworn, automatic read more »

    Marilyn Manson
  • 20.

    (The acoustic guitar hidden track is, as well, instrumental) read more »

    Widespread Panic
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