Songs About / On: VOLCANO

In this page, songs on / about “volcano” are listed.
  • 31.
    Crop Circle

    (D. Wyndorf)
    Come on!!
    I was born underwater
    I dried out in the sun
    I started humping volcanoes, baby read more »

    Monster Magnet
  • 32.
    Jungle Man

    Deep inside the soul hole
    Of mother earth
    Father time came
    With a supersonic supersonic burst
    His soul monkey sperm tribes
    Racing to be first
    Her ruby fruit jungle
    Givin’ bush baby bush baby birth
    The baby was a boy
    But I think what stunned her
    Is that this bare breasted baby
    Was a baby boy boy boy boy wonder
    Crackin’ from his thumb bone
    Came thelonious thunder
    Fill the sky with hellfire
    From way down down down under read more »

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • 33.

    Darling for you
    I think of what I’d so
    To keep you safe and sound
    I would climb the highest mountain
    I would swim the widest sea
    I would wrestle a gorilla to the ground
    I would fend off a dozen charging rhinos
    I would catch a storm of killer bees
    I would fight a firey dragon with a wooden sword
    If I didn’t know what this could do to me read more »

    Arrogant Worms
  • 34.
    God is Real

    The sweetest honey to the brightest flower
    The largest planet to the smallest atom
    Snowflakes and the bird kingdom
    Smaller thatn the eye can see bigger then the mind can conceive read more »

    India Arie
  • 35.
    Hotel Womb

    Volcano pierce the air, ashes block out the sun.
    Down in the lair, well I met her there
    With a price for everyone.
    I paid eighty dollars for this wedding ring,
    I couldn't take it off if I tried. read more »

  • 36.
    Empathy With The Devil

    My flavor is the stuff of locusts. Hot chili firebrand spitting volcano
    teeth. Bleeding skies, sulpher mines... The foul breath of Satan's favorite
    gutter worm. You feel me when I'm close - an ice wind of steel stilettos
    hammered in your spine. Quicksilver nausea spinning, spewing forth and
    everything's a mess. every posession you ever had - wrecked - lying at your read more »

    Tear Garden
  • 37.
    Volcano Girl

    Leave me
    Lying here
    Cause I don’t wanna go
    Leave me
    Lying here
    Cause I don’t wanna go
    Leave me
    Lying here
    Cause I don’t wanna go read more »

    Veruca Salt
  • 38.
    Masai Boy

    (Words Willcox/Music Willcox, Lee)
    Rise o sun
    Rise o sun
    Golden one
    God of our horizon read more »

  • 39.
    Slow & Low

    (chorus) let it flow - let yourself go
    Slow and low - that is the tempo

    It’s never old school - all brand new
    So everybody catch - the bugaloo flu
    Not like a fever - not like a cold
    The beats are clear - the rhymes are bold
    So don’t see a doctor or see a nurse
    Just listen to the music - first things first
    First of all - get off the wall
    It’s time to party so have a ball
    Because we slowed it on down - so get the hell up
    Like a volcano I’ll erupt
    We got determination - bass and high read more »

    Beastie Boys
  • 40.
    Coo Coo Ca Choo

    Coo coo ca choo baby you that’s what you are
    You are a hollywood star you’re the high priestess by far
    And you know this tune’s for you we call it coo coo ca choo
    And it’s a very brief description of the things we could do to you read more »

    Bloodhound Gang
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