Songs About / On: WAR

In this page, songs on / about “war” are listed.
  • 51.
    War Within a Breath

    Every official that come in
    Cripples us leaves us maimed
    Silent and tamed
    And with our flesh and bones
    He builds his homes read more »

    Rage Against The Machine
  • 52.
    Das Geht Tief

    neulich abend standst du vor meiner tür
    und hast mich, wie nie zuvor, angesehn
    der glanz in deinen augen war da
    doch etwas war nicht wie sonst
    die umarmung blockierte read more »

    Witt Joachim
  • 53.
    Caught in The Crossfire

    (myles goodwyn)
    Published by northern goody two tunes, ltd./capac - ascap

    On assignment to the new world
    They said there’d be more chance for war
    Missed the shuttle to the main star
    They promised they’d be back for more, oh yeah
    Then the warships came without a sound
    There were at least a hundred of them bearing down read more »

    April Wine
  • 54.
    The Hatchet Of War

    A species of violence
    has landed ashore our hemisphere
    They're crossing the borders
    their mercyless killers are everywhere read more »

    Iron Savior
  • 55.
    War Of Words

    Music, J. Oates; Lyrics, J. Oates/J. Cang
    Our love's grown older
    seems like its colder
    Than the rock on which
    I carved your name read more »

    Hall And Oates
  • 56.
    The War Against Intelligence

    The war against Intelligence
    War Against Intelligence
    Notebooks out plagiarists
    War Against Intelligence
    War Against Intelligence read more »

  • 57.
    Imminent War

    What is this world trying to do to me
    Sometimes I gotta find a way out
    Just like an animal trapped in a cage
    About to explode, got to get out
    Imminent war, time to see the light read more »

    D I
  • 58.
    Herbst Im April

    Meistens zu spät
    kommt die
    klare und kühle
    wie ein Tropfen read more »

    Van Veen Herman
  • 59.
    Das Geht Tief

    Neulich Abend standst du vor meiner Tür
    Und hast mich wie nie zuvor angesehen
    Der Glanz in deinen Augen war da
    Doch etwas war nicht wie sonst read more »

    Joachim Witt
  • 60.

    When he was just a little boy,
    He only had one favourite toy,
    And he had nothing on his mind,
    He never left anything behind, no,
    As he got older, things got worse,
    Like he had been born under a curse,
    Things started to fall apart,
    They went like they were at the start,
    No, ohh, read more »

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