Songs About / On: YELLOW

In this page, songs on / about “yellow” are listed.
  • 21.
    Paintings In Yellow

    (Cretu - Cretu/Hirschburger)
    i see a shining ocean
    i see a sky so blue
    i see a world in motion
    can you see this too? read more »

  • 22.
    Funeral for a Friend

    Music by elton john read more »

    Elton John
  • 23.
    The Veil Of Golden Spheres

    I enter your spheres
    My eyes see yellow
    So give me gold
    I'll be forever in your world

    The veil of golden spheres
    Are shining through my eyes
    I would sell the sun
    To catch your luck forever read more »

  • 24.
    Forget The Flowers

    You're tryin' my patience, try pink carnations, red roses and yellow
    Don't forget the flowers Sunday, I know you will
    Displayers of affection and all good intentions, why don't you just send
    me the bill read more »

  • 25.
    Yellow Roses

    (K. Devine, S. Nichols)
    I just received, sweetheart, your yellow roses
    You tell me that they mean that we are through
    You tell me that tonight your heart is broken
    But you should know I was never untrue read more »

    Cooder Ry
  • 26.
    Forever Yellow Skies

    Yellow Sky
    I can see you in the yellow sky
    See you again
    I'll see you again
    In my dreams
    Morning light
    I remember morning light
    Outside my door
    I'll see you no more
    In my dreams read more »

    The Cranberries
  • 27.
    Jersey Thursday

    In the tiny piece of coloured glass my love was born
    And reds and golds and yellows were the colours in the dawn.
    Night brought on its purple cloak of velvet to the sky
    And the girls go willing spinning on Jersey Thursday.
    In the tiny piece of coloured glass my love was born read more »

  • 28.
    The U-haul Song

    Well i saw you selling shoes
    You looked pretty neat
    And i got a proposal for you
    I think you'll think that it's pretty neat
    Let's live in a U-haul read more »

    Asparagus Children
  • 29.
    Forever Yellow Skies

    Yellow sky
    I can see you in the yellow sky
    See you again
    I’ll see you again
    In my dreams read more »

  • 30.
    Alpha Beta Parking Lot

    Standing in the alpha beta parking lot
    Watching the sun set
    I’ll never forget
    Watching all the reds and oranges slip away
    Letting go of yet another dirty day read more »

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